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Questyle QP Master New Upcoming DAP.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mwhals, Apr 15, 2019.
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  1. al1947
    Contacted Moon Audio. They have dropped Questyle.
  2. mwhals
    I do not plan to buy anymore Questyle products. No USA dealers that I can find and I keep seeing people say no UK dealers either. How do they expect to sell anything with no dealers in two major countries?
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  3. cytoSiN
    I'm not sure they do. I've been trying to get my QP2R repaired for months. I'm lucky if they respond to me once a month. They won't repair my device in the UIS, say I have to ship it to China, and it's been weeks since I said "just ship it back to me" without any response. It's too bad, because the sound is great.
  4. brams
    I think the evidence is suggesting, at the very least, a pullback of Questyle from the North American and European markets. This in turn might imply some deeper issues with the company. Hopefully they have just made a conscious decision to concentrate on their home market.

    It is very easy in these hobby forums to forget how small a part of the overall market these types of devices are. Most regular people just use their cell phones, are quite happy with the quality of sound they get and think we are crazy for spending big bucks for the benefit of carrying around another device that in non-critical listening sounds quite similar to our phones!. Given this, companies that make these devices cannot easily benefit from economies of scale unless the unit is priced to sell well in the enthusiast market and puts equal emphasis on sound quality and convenience (streaming, bluetooth, etc.). Even when they do sell well the margins probably need to be fairly slim.

    If a company like Questyle decides to go all out to develop a statement item using a non-standard technology (current mode amplification) that focuses exclusively on sound quality the resulting development and component costs likely mean they are required to price the unit high to make any reasonable margins. This makes these units quite sensitive to anything that may impact the price negatively such as exchange rates, trade tariffs, etc. If the market for the earlier units was already limited then there would be little hope for a higher priced unit with limited convenience features even in a normal market.

    I'm sure the ongoing trade war and decline in performance of their local economy has not been kind to Questyle. It's a shame because both the QP1r and QP2r perform at a much higher level than their price point and were easily competitive with the cost no object units. Given this I would love to get my hands on the QPM to see how far Questyle managed to push the envelope with this design. With no known availability it might even become a collector's item. Nevertheless, one has to weigh this curiosity against the risk of owning a non-functioning paperweight should a problem occur with the unit!
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  5. cytoSiN
    Surely none of us fall into this category!

    Sadly this is my predicament. The 3.5 out works, but the 2.5 out is loose and nonfunctional, and the only way I can get it repaired, apparently, is to send it to a company that no one even knows if it's still in business in China. Very disappointing (assuming I ever even get my unit back!) considering how great the SQ was while it worked...
  6. CactusPete23
    Not 100% sure, but would expect that a good phone or electronics repair shop could easily replace the 2.5 jack. Or maybe even Simply Resolder it. That may void your warranty, but if questyle is not repairing, then the warranty is basically void anyway. Still have a few good shops in parts of the USA, but most don't advertise a lot. In places like China, Thailand, Singapore, India, etc..., there are lots of good repair shops.
  7. brams
    Had a similar issue years ago with a Colorfly unit (unit needed repair after the Manufacturer went silent), but I took a chance sending it in to them and they did repair and return it.

    Having said that, I totally agree with the above. Use a local repair service preferably one referred to you by a former Questyle dealer. It is highly doubtful that all Questyle repairs had to be sent to Questyle when they were active within the market. My assumption is that they would have used authorized service centers local to the market.

    If you have already sent the unit to Questyle then just keep pestering them with emails and keep it civil. Most reputable manufacturers do not want to screw over their former customers and will do their best to accommodate especially if the customer remains cordial, but firm.
  8. cytoSiN
    Yeah the 2.5 repair is easy...honestly I could do it myself if I could open the thing...

    Of course, my constant pestering has been nothing but civil. It's still frustrating though. Hopefully I will get it back and can then find someone to open the case nearby where I live.
  9. CactusPete23
    For sure, I expect most folks here to be handy with simple electronics repairs.
    - Here's a link showing how to remove the glass back off a phone.
    - Same technique would be used for the DAP. Can try yourself. If not comfortable, anyone that routinely does phone repairs can do this easily. (And why I suggested a phone repair shop...)
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  10. brams
    Most complete review of the QPM so far. If you do not read German you'll need to set your browser to translate.


    Their conclusion relative to the Ibasso 220 is interesting, but what I would like to see is a comparison to the QP2r.

    Interestingly the review was published November 6th which makes one wonder if Questyle is still planning to support the European market. It may make sense for them to do so on a direct sale model and that would definitely have upset their distribution network!

    There is also a Twitter feed complete with youtube videos of Questyle showing the QPM in Japan about a week ago.


    @cytoSiN this means there is still hope they will repair and return your unit. Just keep pestering. Their lack of response so far is unacceptable.
  11. cytoSiN
    Yeah they responded...they just said they cannot repair it in the US (after I bugged them literally for months and after they'd had the unit without getting back to me for a month). Now I'm bugging them to get it back so I can fix myself without having to send it to China.

    But the QPM is reassuring if it's real...
  12. brams
    For what it's worth I had occasion to correspond with the former UK distributor for Questyle recently (wonderful people to deal with btw). They say they have had no indication that Questyle is planning to abandon the UK market. Their impression is that Questyle is simply regrouping for a fresh launch of their new products.

    My assumption is that the same applies to North America.

    If the distributors impressions are correct that is good news and probably explains the conflicting signals and worse than normal communications as Questyle reorganizes their distribution channels. I can definitely see some current retailers, being put off by the new price points and deciding to drop the line in favor of product they think they can sell more easily. It is sometimes easy to forget that product sound quality is not typically the primary driver for a retailer to carry a line. What's the point of carrying a great product if you cannot sell it and make a good margin doing so?

    As stated before it was never my impression that the QP2R sold well relative to the QP1R so the QPM pricing must have caused some retailers to rethink their decision to support the line.
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