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Questyle QP Master New Upcoming DAP.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mwhals, Apr 15, 2019.
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  1. mwhals
    The Questyle QPM is coming reportedly in June 2019 at a price of $2,000. I am wondering what all the upgrades are over the QP2R to justify the price. Here is a link with some information.

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  2. jmills8
    Whats new inside the master than what was in the previous dap ? Seems 64 gigs internal , single dac , one sd slot for a max of 400 gigs ?
  3. mwhals
    Actually, the QPM can take up to 2 TB in its card slot. The single DAC and one card slot is actually not a change from the QP2R. Increasing storage, increasing the balance output to 4.4 mm, and adding the ability to stream from a smartphone does not seem to justify a 2x price compared to the QP2R.

    The UI is unknown at this time and that is where the biggest potential for improvement exists. Does the QPM improve in this area? I would like to see the following improvement to the UI:

    1. Allow sorting by genre > artist > album > songs. The QP2R goes from genre > songs, which is useless to me.

    2. Allow drilling down by the first letter initially. It would be so much easier to drill down to ‘L’ first and then Lady Antebellum instead of getting to that artist by continually spinning the wheel or continually holding down the capacitance button.
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  4. john1711
    "QPM uses CA630 and CC630, the pure Class A Current Mode Amplification modules featuring fully discrete structure and SIP (System In Package). Benefit from the SIP process, the output power of QPM increases by nearly a half compared with QP2R, and the quietness increases by two and a half times."
  5. mwhals
    I can’t wait to see it’s user interface to see what is different, if anything.
  6. maira
    My pono Player also uses Class A. And it was a 350 Dollar device... .
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  7. mwhals
    That is why there has got to be more changes than what is published to justify a massive price increase over the QP2R. I know the glass is different on the front and back.
  8. musicday
  9. mwhals
    Yep, same as in the QP2R, but at a much higher price.
  10. astonchan
    It’s like giving just a little bit difference and then sealing into the same body and make it a “new” flagship asking for customers’ money. As I know, the inner difference of QPM is just on the amplification part which questyle claimed that they use different amp chips. Rest of the circuit including the DAC part has no difference to QP2R...... Balanced output was 2.5 and now is 4.4, body finish become black.....I think that’s it.....
  11. cr3ativ3
    wonder how its different to qp2r soundwise... but 2k is to much anyway :D
  12. mwhals
    Talked on the phone to Bruce Ball of Questyle North America. He told me the following:

    - The QPM is jet black
    - The QPM wheel is essentially just like the QP2R
    - The QPM UI is just like the QP2R, but with expanded options.
    - The internals are a different animal from those of the QP2R

    Production to start soon with availability late May or June.

    There are only 2 QPMs in North America and they are both in Bruce’s office and were used at Exponia.
  13. john1711
    Does that mean that the DAC chip is different from the QP2R as well? I sold my QP2R in anticipation of the QPM.
  14. mwhals
    The QP2R and QPM have the same DAC chip.
  15. john1711
    Would not the DAC chip be quite outdated by the time the QPM is released? But how much does the DAC chip influence the sound anyway compared to the amplification circuit? Questyle appears to be banking on the new amplification circuit to distinguish the QPM from the QP2R.
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