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Questyle QP Master New Upcoming DAP.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mwhals, Apr 15, 2019.
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  1. mwhals
    Nope. I was told it goes to reviewers first and I have not seen any reviews yet. Also, Moon Audio still shows pre-order.
  2. mwhals
    I found a review in Japanese that Google translated for me. It stated that the the QPM seems to lean more toward the air of the QP1R rather than the QP2R.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  3. 40lb
    Got a link?
  4. mwhals
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  5. angpsi
    Anyone tried the QPM yet? I'm sitting on a loaner QP2R and a loaner CMA400i right now and I'm pretty impressed, especially by the QP2R.
  6. brams
    It's not yet been launched so impressions are limited to those who have heard the prototype at shows.

    For what its worth, I was speaking to someone today who claimed that he did listen to the prototype at length at a recent show. His opinion is that the improvement going from the QP2r to the QPM is quite a bit more than the difference between the QP2r and QP1r.

    This surprised me since the QP2r sounds very good and appears to leave little room for significant improvement. However, it was also telling that this person (who works in a prominent High End Audio store and gets to listen to the best stuff everyday) felt that despite the improvements the retail price of the unit would likely be a problem given the lack of additional features.

    This is obviously second hand info so make of it what you will.
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  7. john1711
    I auditioned the QPM at Zepellin in Singapore. The tracks on the audition unit were DXD format and the headphone used for the audition was a Quad in balanced mode. It was very transparent and revealing without being harsh but I would stop short of characterizing it as organic or analogue like. That distinction in my opinion belongs to the Venturecraft Valoq Limited Edition.
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  8. al1947
    Meantime, the QPM (and QP2R) are not available @ Moon Audio. As far as I can tell, the player was not shown at RMAF. Makes me wonder if the QPM is turning into vaporware. It originally announced price was high given the feature set -- and since then there has been additional Trump tariffs that would push the price even higher.
  9. mwhals
    Me too or maybe Questyle is hurting financially right now.
  10. john1711
    I held it and listened to it. It is not vaporware for sure. But next to the Dethonray, it's pricing and corresponding value proposition is going to make it a hard sell.
  11. mwhals
    I haven’t heard it, but given the UI, that alone will make it a tough sell at that price.
  12. cheznous
    It is a shame because QP1R held such promise but this seems a backward step.
  13. mwhals
    Based on popularity in the respective threads, I do not think the QP2R sold as well as the QP1R. The QPM May be another decrease in sales. If Questyle would keep the same sound quality, but improve the UI drastically, I think they would see a sales increase.
  14. brams
    Not so much the UI, but the feature set needs updating in my opinion.

    They need to offer on board streaming, bluetooth capabilities, etc. to justify the price increase. I should not need to use my phone as a transport to get this functionality in a $2000 player in today's market. The market has shifted since earlier, minimally featured, TOTL players could get away with this.

    It also does not help that their earlier models already sound so good and can still be bought at a fraction of the projected price of the QPM. In a way Questyle is competing against itself!

    Bottom line: as is, this thing should have a retail price of no more than about $1499 given today's competition (and that's being generous). Packaged with the HB2 hub I can see $1699. That would bring the street price down to an acceptable level. The hub, if sold by itself, should be $299 maximum.

    Maybe the $2000 pricing would have worked if it had been released in the same timeframe as the Sony WM1Z, but those days are gone.

    Questyle: Hope you're listening and noticing the distinct lack of enthusiasm as evidenced by the minimal activity on this thread!
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  15. al1947
    Exactly. Price point is now greater than A&K's A&futura line, which has those features as do other DAPs. The idea of getting those features via a link to smartphones seemed initially like a good idea, but now that Amazon Music has gone partially HD (with other big companies likely to follow), it has become clear that HD streaming is here to stay.
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