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Q701 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdockweiler, Nov 27, 2011.
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  1. Peeble
    I think my right driver might be damaged somehow, I think I'm hearing some static in some very high/low frequencies. Is there any way to test if this?
  2. jodgey4

    What's your source? Do you have any other headphones to test against it to see if maybe that's your issue?
  3. Peeble
    Computer -> ODAC -> Bravo V3 -> Q701
    I have some ATH-M50s, I'll test against them tomorrow. Thanks. 
  4. Solrighal

    Yeah, I performed the bass mod last week. At first there was obviously more bass but I was concerned it might get in the way of the low mids but not at all. I honestly can't figure out why they covered that port in the first place, it seems much more balance after the mod. It's not a night & day difference but it is significant. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly.
  5. Solrighal

    Hi there. I've also performed the bass mod and I'm impressed. I haven't done anything with the pads yet but I might still. I know it's easier said than done but is it not financially possible for you to keep the X1's? The only reason I say this is because as well as my Q's I also own a pair of V-Moda M-100's. Trust me, no two pairs of headphones could sound more different but they are each very good at something. Owning more than one pair of headphones is like having the ultimate EQ. Just switch them around depending on your source and genre. Also, please read below...

    You have no idea what those Q's are truly capable of if you're not using an amplifier. I'm using a Fiio E18 and the difference is astonishing! It's not so much the maximum volume, although of course that increases, but it's the sheer 'grip' the amp takes of the driver. Far more dynamic and I would say faster, if that makes sense. This may well go for the Fidelio X1's as well (although I can't guarantee it as I have never heard them).

    Put it this way - the Q's have benefitted so much from my amp that I've ordered an O2 for use in the house (as well as an ODAC (might as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb)).

    BTW - those Fidelio X1's look gorgeous.
  6. Stillhart
    I could probably swing keeping both, but I'd rather free up the cash in the short term.  I originally started this with the intention of getting something better and cheaper than the Astro A50 for gaming.  I think I've been pretty successful at that.  Anything else is just gravy for now.
    So yeah, sell off the X1 and free up some cash.  Then my shopping list looks like this:  portable amp to keep near the Xbox (Fiio E12 and JDS Labs C5 are my prime candidates right now), portable DAC/Amp to take to work (Audioquest Dragonfly or Fiio E17 or E18), and a Sound Blaster Z for my gaming PC.
    Then I'll keep an eye on the Schiit website for their new DAC with optical in that slots between the Modi and the Bifrost.  It should be a few months, I'd expect.  By then I'll feel good about improving my setup again.  DAC and Amp for my PC (music and gaming) and I'll be all set for a bit.
    Now where do the Anniversary pads slot in there?  I'll probably grab them when the bug to upgrade hits after the next round of shopping.  lol
  7. Solrighal
    That sounds like a plan :smiley:
  8. Nec3
    This is an A-B test of the well debated sticker vs no sticker on the AKG Q701's.

    I'm going to write a bit, so if you want to ignore my rant, just scroll down to the fancy pictures.

    Oh and before I forget, I'm using a Zoom H4N shoved directly into the headphone, and the Zoom H4N has a frequency response of its' own that actually enhances the treble in vocals.

    However before I did the test, I matched the frequency response chart as close as I can to the original Q701's before doing anything.
    I couldn't test any closed back headphones because of the lack of proper sealing. This is why I love the Q701's, it doesn't really need any proper sealing to get my measurements right.
    I'd love it if someone could send me a Head and Torso Simulator though ;D


    Rant over, here's the graphs, both (messy) step response and frequency response charts! Let me know what you guys think.
    Purple is the Q701 with the sticker pealed off.
    Teal is the Q701 with the sticker left on.
    I would like to emphasize that the Zoom H4N frequency response chart I posted above to be regarded.
    As there is a clear indication that there is a boost in the treble area, in which I have drawn a line in the single frequency response charts.

    In summary:
    What I heard through my ears, and forget the graphs, because some things can't be physically measured by me.
    Is a small reduction in soundstage surface area/width (not depth), it's not major if you have the Q701's amped though.
    Less mids, and in my opinion, I think the bass makes the mids a bit muddy due to the reduction in soundstage and increase in bass.
    More bass extension, bass indeed still feels solid.

    My equipment:
    AKG Q701 <- ODAC/O2

    New measurement using an actual head/torso simulator: ME! Thanks to @bluemonkeyflyer for the in-ear microphone for this purpose.
    My opinion of the bass mod remains the same, and you can find my Review of the AKG Q701 Here.

  9. Stillhart
    So for those of us who aren't super familiar with these graphs, could you give a little summary/analysis?  It looks like the mod gives it more bass extension at the cost of a little mid?
    EDIT - Okay that's interesting.  I feel like the mod helped the bass but took away... something... that made the Q701 sound different and unique.  I wonder if it's the mids.  I am going to be getting an amp and dac so maybe that will help.  Worse comes to worst, I can put the pads back on.
    Nec3 likes this.
  10. Chris J
    Wholly crap!
    removing the sticker makes flatter and more extended bass?
  11. Nec3

    I've had a few wonky measurements here and there, but they all had a consistent graph like this. I did 10 measurements before outputting them here on headfi, and this type of graph appeared 5/10 times.

    We've all had the same conclusion, more bass, less mids, less soundstage. We just needed the measurements of exactly how much :)
    I'm glad that no one brought up treble though.. because there wasn't any improvement from that end anyway.
  12. Chris J
    Well the graph does show less midrange and more (or deeper) bass, so I guess your ears don't lie!
  13. Solrighal
    "Less soundstage"?
  14. Nec3
    I editted my post, thanks for asking me that question :D

    I apologize, I meant soundstage width, not depth, depth is fine.

    Switch between your laptop/front computer jack, and then to your highest output amplifier.
    You could feel the soundstage expand and fill that's as big as the Q701 earcups.
    Youtube quality isn't the best for this situation, but listen to this song for a minute.

    P.S. Congrats on your ODAC/O2 order! Let's hope you don't get any headphones that have 600ohm ratings now [​IMG]
    Solrighal likes this.
  15. GirgleMirt
     ***WARNING I HAD REVERSED MODDED (Sticker) and Stock (No sticker) ***
      ***** so all this post is BACKWARDS!!!  *****
    Actually it's the opposite if you look at the FR graphs.  The roll-off of the non-stickered Q701 starts higher than the stock Q701, and the roll-off of the stock Q701 is steeper because of it; hence; more bass extension.  Seems to basically trade some bass extension (30-80hz mainly) & flatness for more mid-bass, although the mid-bass does seem a bit more in line with the mids and treble.
    Very interesting thanks a lot for the measurements Nec3!  [​IMG] 
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