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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. bigro
    I would agree that The PSB M4U1 Has a "natural" sounding bass signature. It does not over power the mid range as some other cans can do. If you listens to a lot of Genres it is a good choice. If you listen to a lot of Metal, Hip Hop, Reggea etc. Maybe not. It's personal Preference at this point but those genres usually sound better with recessed mids and a bump in the Low freq, Dept.
  2. Vero Golf Champ
    M4U1 are no slouch down low, but they're not bass cannons. I use the SMS Street supra-aural for such purposes. Outside bass response (*cough build quality *cough) they can't match the PSBs, however they're not as far behind as you might expect. The M4U1 cable has come in for some criticism but works fine with them.
  3. kennyj
    Has anyone identified good quality 3.5mm plugs that can fit in these?  Bonus points if they're colored and/or have strain relief.  I'm trying to make my own balanced, less-microphonic cable but it seems that many of the quality plugs that do mention external dimensions are simply too large to fit in that funky opening.
    Also taking any suggestions for the cable itself - I'm defaulting to Mogami 2893.  It seems the Chinese seller of the OCC cable that Bansaku used is out of the black (although I didn't want to order from China anyway.)  If I can get the cable, plugs, and a "splitter" or whatever from the same source, that would be awesome...
  4. pbeg7
    I bought a Vmoda cable for mine: unfortunately microphonics increased! Of course the built-in amp+AC doesn't work with it...

    Overall, probably not a great buy - definitely not an upgrade from the stock cable except for durability+cool red look.
  5. kennyj
    I probably got the same one, hence why I'm looking to roll my own now.  I guess the v-moda would make a passable aux cable or something. Though using both cables simultaneously does seem to ever so slightly improve the sound (but maybe it's psychological.)
  6. bigro
    I use this Fiio OCC cable. The Thin long end works perfect with the PSB Jack. Strain relief on both sides. I guess they are slightly less microphonic. I do not think its much of the cable than the Material the headphones are made of.
    RCH- M1   3.5 MM to 3.5mm.
  7. pbeg7
    I feel the microphonics issue is definitely more related to the headphones construction as well.
  8. pbeg7
    Side-note: Im selling my m4u2's - mint. I have too many headphones now.
  9. Supa Mint
    Got to spend several weeks with the M4U1.  To cut to the chase, I didn't choose to keep them.  However, I must admit that it wasn't easy to let them go, as they stood up very well to some other, more expensive headphones that I was comparing them against.
    To begin with, they were quite comfortable for my head.  My initial impression was that they were a solid, but unremarkable sounding headphone. But the more I listened to them, the more I came to the conclusion that I was mistaking the lack of exaggeration in some frequency range as a lack of energy or fun.  But as I compared to other highly regarded competitors, I discovered that the M4U1 was a very solid sounding headphone.
    The M4U1 didn't have the bass quantity that the X2 had.  They didn't have the energetic mids that the SR80e had.  And they didn't have the bright detail of 400S or 400i.
    What they did have was smooth but clear highs, without simblace.  They had clean, clear, and detailed mids; And the bass also had generally decent clarity and articulation - albeit lacking a bit of impact and maybe somewhat flat or recessed.
    Overall, I thought that they were excellent headphones that I could have been very happy with.  In the end, I ended up keeping the 400i, which I thought were better suited for the type of music that I listen to (most genres of rock), rather than due any definable flaws that I found. I thought that the M4U1 was very neutral, but just didn't have the mid/high energy, or the bass impact that the 400i had.  Still, I thought it was worth mentioning that I had a nice audition with the M4U1.  I think that they would do well for many.
    Of note, the M4U1 was more sensitive that the 400i.  If I didn't have a proper headphone amp, I may have kept the M4U1 over the 400i.
  10. ballard3
    Very interesting, thank you. What doyou think about build quality ? In the past some people talked about cracking headband or other
  11. Supa Mint
    I thought that they 'looked' like they may be made of cheap, plastic materials; however, they 'feel' more solid than the high-gloss plastic look.  The earcups felt good - not sure if they were real leather, or not, but they felt soft and supple.  The only thing that I might worry about are the hinges where they fold up.  I didn't have them long enough to travel with them (although they fold up compactly, so you could), so I can't speak to the durability of the hinges - I certainly didn't notice any obvious reliability flaws.
  12. bigro

    I fold my m4u1's up 5 days a week, It has probably been 4 months now. the hinges are metal and are as solid a they were on day one. The Beats Plastic look they have worried me to. I have not seen any indication of the head band cracking.
    Supra Mint. That was an honest review, I use the M4U 1 almost daily. I like them because they do not have the energetic mids of the SR80e. I have a Pair of SR80i's and the mids are to much for me, my ears get fatigued quickly with them. I prefer slightly recessed mids.Not a bass heads dream can either. Although I recently Paired it with a Schiit Vali 2 and the low end is livelier Whats they are however is a well balanced set of HP's that has a great level of detail and does well over a wide range of music. Norah Jones, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Disturbed and Lords of the Underground all sound great .If I remember Correctly Paul Barton said he voiced them using the Harman Curve as a Guideline if that helps anyone figure out of they may or may not like it.
    BTW On sale for $189
  13. Supa Mint
    I can certainly understand the appeal.  I could see the M4U1 as a great headphone to listen to a wide variety of music through - whereas many other headphones draw attention to themselves, rather than to the music.
  14. Shure or bust
    I picked up a pair of psb M4U 2's for $160 on ebay. I highly doubt Oppo pm3 is worth the $250 increase imo. I just bought a master and dynamic boom mic to test out with them. Should arrive soon.
  15. pbeg7

    Good chance you bought them from me (canada?). Have fun.
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