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Project Ember Tube Rolling

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  1. stupidmop
    Check this out...http://www.diyguitarist.com/GuitarAmps/SD-Convertible/patgf1.htm
    12au7  19
    12at7  60
    Also very interesting which explains why I find 6v tubes far superior...IMO,FWIW,YMMV http://www.tubeaudiostore.com/suitof6dfora.html
  2. rmouser
    I have an Amperex 6201 PQ (Premium Quality) which is an "industrialized" 12AT7 with gold pins. At first it seemed kind of dark but with time it has "blossomed" to a very musical sound. It is also rated at 10,000 hours use.
  3. Johan-71
    Finally I got my 12bh7a tubes, enjoying them right now. After a quick round I decided to let a Sylvania black plates with horseshoe getter stay in my Ember.
    Very musical with a huge soundstage, almost all songs gets "live feeling".
    It's a little more laid back presentation than my 6922/e88cc tubes, you don't have the singer upfront in your face. It's hard to describe it but maybe you could call it more relaxed and musical with lots of air.
    Don't know if it suits everyone but for me it's a keeper.
  4. J&J
    That's how I described my experience with the 12BH7A musical
  5. connieflyer
    I don't feel bad for buying 3 of them now.  They are very nice indeed.
  6. Johan-71
    I found a nos E80CC sq for $9, any impressions of the e80cc's?
  7. connieflyer
    I have a pair of these E80CC Tungsram and like them very much. a very solid and clear performer.  I think the 12bh7's are a little warmer sounding, but the E80CC is a very articulate tube.
  8. TooPoor
    I have read and read... and read about tubes. I had a Lyr and had decent success learning how to roll with it. Now I have the Supercharged Ember. I keep looking up all the tubes people post but see WILDLY different pricing (EBAY). To simplify things, I own an Ember and HE-500. I'm looking for a tube to open up their soundstage a bit and hit low (decent bass). Can someone literally hold my hand and LINK me to what are good tubes for what I'm looking for? This is what I've looked at...
    1. 12AT7/12AX7
    2. Amperex Bugle Boys 6DJ8
    3. 12BH7A
     I do appreciate the help!
  9. ericr
    Don't have the HE-500, but with the Beyer T90 and V6-Stage iems the Amprex 6DJ8 has the best soundstage / air / realistic presentation of my 5 tubes. Deep bass, piano is very natural, and lots of detail. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. A Sylvania gold pin 6201 shipped out to me today and I hoping / expecting it to best the Amperex.
  10. gamefreak054
    I think the Amperex Bugle Boys from holland would be perfect. Personally I really like them but the 12AX7s are expensive. I found the french 12AT7s (often branded as Philips Miniwatt which I use pretty much exclusively now) to sound very similar to the 12AX7s. I still do not like the 6DJ8s as well as the 12 volt tubes despite what that one article says. The 12 volts sound better to me. Mullards would probably be a good match for you as well. 
    Anyways anybody have a list of what the new supercharger allows you to roll? I would like to add them onto the front page, but last time I looked I did not see it on garage1217's site.
  11. Johan-71
    I have a HE-500 and an Ifi idac.
    I started to roll some 12bh7a tubes yesterday, it took a little time to get used to them coming from 6922 family.
    They have a huge soundstage, and depending on brand different coloration and presentation.
    My Sylvania yellow print had most air and a laid-back presentation.
    Rca red print halo getter got more upfront sound and more body.
    I think I need more time with them to evaluate my personal favorite.
    I like my bugle boys, I think they do everything right.
    You can also try Telefunken and Philps E88CC, and the Russian ones are not bad either.
    6H23P-EV has almost like a loudness feeling, or V- shaped coloration.
    Hard hitting base and crispy highs.
    If I had to choose one from each family, I'd say RCA 12bh7a and Telefunken E88CC.
    But that's just my opinion.
    I don't think u can go wrong with the 12bh7a family.
  12. connieflyer
    I have an rca, sylvania and a ge 12bh7a and find a little bit of difference between them, but I like them all.  I think, for the Ember it is a good match.  The prices on Ebay are all over the place depending on th hype at the moment.  The Sylvania one was the first one I tried, I paid different prices,  the first one.......http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-GE-12BH7A-12BH7-Amp-Preamp-Tube-for-Ampeg-BlackStar-More-/191090644130?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&nma=true&si=QErfQMjfUG5CEJKTWJyj%252BgmXdPQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
    the second one....http://vod.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?ViewPaymentStatus&transId=1060501889005&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:VPS&itemid=151245734257&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2673
    and the last one...http://vod.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderDetails?ViewPaymentStatus&transid=951273561020&ssPageName=STRK:MESO:VPS&itemId=300929487754
    the last one was new the other two were used.  The used tubes were a bargain, and let me see if I liked the family or not without breaking the bank.  If they last awhile or not, it got me in the door.  The new tube while good, needs more time in to get a little mellower.  I have purchased most tubes from this seller.  Very fast, and responsive to questions and stands behind what he sells.  Has been a seller since 2003, great reputation.   I check his store first when buying a tube and see what he has before I search the general stores.
    I would not be afraid of buying old or used tubes.  They give you a glimpse into what the tube family is like.  I even bought a 6DJ8 bugle boy that was part of an estate sale, $8.00 I should have bought more, he had 8 for sale in a plastic bag!  Great sounding tube, and for the money cheap..  I like the12BH7A best, followed close by the 6DJ8's, I am using Sennheiser HD650's with the Ember coming off an Asus Essence STX sound card, rca outs.  Good luck on your search, don't start out trying to buy tubes that cost as much as your amp, experiment with the used tubes till you find what works for you.  Most tubes will work fine, and the differences between them are actually quite small as far as how they sound, but when you find the ones that are the best for YOU, you will know it.  Subtle changes in the music presentation, will let you know you have found what you want.  Spend time with each tube for awhile, and then go back to another tube and you will hear the difference and know where to go from there.  All the best, Don
  13. connieflyer
  14. TooPoor
    All great stuff guys, thanks. I'll read through it and start trying some new tubes.
  15. musicman2006
    I have an he500 with Ember as well and i think the GE triple mica with black plates and D getter are fantastic for solid punchy bass and good sound stage in my experience. They seem to going for 30-40 on eBay but well worth the money IMO.
    Also I redact my previous comment on the 6dj8 holland bugle boy. I last listened to it on different equipment and apparently my memory was fuzzy, not the tube lol. It's a great tube.
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