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Project Ember Tube Rolling

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  1. Johan-71
    Thanks, I will mail Jeremy and order one.
    I'm beginning to feel like a "tubeohollic", I have spent to much $ on tubes already, but it's so #@**.... fun with tuberolling.
    Sorry for my wallet and wellcome to head-fi...
  2. ericr
    Jeremy sells via eBay also. If the Supercharger isn't listed send him a message and I think he'll create a listing for you. He didn't have listings for the Ember with SC and when I messaged him he created a couple of listings right away. I ordered on a Friday evening and it arrived the following Thursday. I'm liking his service!
  3. ericr

    My Ember with SC came this week! Could you guys give detailed enough description of these tubes that a tube newb like myself could head off to eBay and find the same?
  4. Johan-71
    I found some helpful reading about 12BH7A tubes.
  5. stupidmop
      I think there are only Brimar and US made 12bh7, I am frequently wrong tho so FWIW. I can only compare GE grayplates and RCA blackplates and they're similar. The RCAs have a SOLID low end and buttery mids. Highs are dead neutral. Really nice soundstage. The GEs have a little more air to em. What I notice most switching from a 12au7 to these is the body and smoothness these tall bottles add. I also don't own an ember, this is on my sunrise II. 
    EDIT: Just read article above...LOL, frequently wrong, amperex made a tall bottle :wink:
  6. gamefreak054
    Lol, I consider my self to be very lucky that I can try a crap load of tubes without spending a dime. I have spent around $35ish in tubes (philips 12AT7 pair for $15 off ebay, and bugle boy 6DJ8 for $20). Even with all tubes I have access to, my Philips tube rarely leaves my amp. It just seems to compliment the AD's to well. It increases everything its good at, and decreases its treble harshness.
  7. richbass
    Thank you for the wonderful review. I am looking for its power output (mW) at 16 to 600 ohm but can't seem to find it anywhere. Please share the same if you know it.
    I just learnt that the OUTPUT STAGE of Project Ember is SOLID STATE and not TUBE !! Is this true ?
  8. gamefreak054
    Check the graph above for power output, and yes the project ember is a hybrid tube amp so it has a solid state output stage. If you are worried if it does not sound Tubey enough, dont be. Swapping tubes still makes huge differences in the sound.
    As a quick favor do you mind deleting the quoted section of your reply? No offense but it clutters up threads when scrolling with a large quote.
  9. musicman2006
    Hi, tube noob here. Iv'e been playing around with my new Ember and love it ! I previously had a PSII and with both I think I enjoyed listening to the 6 volt tubes most like the 6dj8 sylvania, bugle boy and 6N23P rockets. 
    Has anyone tried 5751 tubes ? Power wise they seem to be in between 6 and 12 volts and have had a nice effect on listening. 
  10. stupidmop
    I love my sylvania 5751, has a sweet tone no other tube has. Bass thumps, mids are gorgeous, highs are perfect. No distortion at all, unlike my rca rca blk plt sqare getter 12ax7, which sounds great but has a high level of distortion. The 5751 version is nice and smooth. GE made a good one also. Has great bass slam. Hope that helped.
  11. musicman2006
    I'm glad someone else thought the same as me on the Sylvania 5751. I think I'll be looking out for more 5751's from now on, especially triple mica ones. So far I just have the Sylvania one and a GE 5 star. The GE is great and I agree with what you said, I also think it is a little hot in the treble though, so I just reduce the output impedance on my amp and that takes of that. 
  12. rmouser
    Hello all,
    I'll chime in on the 5751. I like them enough to have five. I play them in my Ember and PS2. To me, they have a solid state like sound but still tubey!
  13. stupidmop
    @musicman2006 Yes I find the treble hot on the ge 5 star also. Really nice tube other than that. I've read the raytheon black plate windmill 5751 is amazing but no first hand experienceRCA 5751 is no slouch either, they're all expensive tho.
    I'm still using a sunrise II, does the ember sound a whole lot different? I grew up with the mosfet sound so I'm prob partial to it. IME opamps aren't for me. Do you notice as much diff when swapping tubes? I notice it less on my sunrise than I do my fournier but it uses 2 12au7s. I wanna upgrade for the auto bias but if it's more of a power upgrade I'll pass because I already have the crack.
  14. rmouser
    I have both PS2 and Ember. The main difference I see is that the PS2 cannot drive higher impedance phones and the Ember can drive just about ANY dynamic phones. It can drive my 600 ohm Beyer DT880 and AKG Sextett with power to spare. AKG K702 is considered difficult to drive--Ember really brings it to life.
    Op amps have FETs in their outputs and use feedback--the PS2 runs in Class A mode with some heat in their outputs. The Ember's outputs run at slightly higher than room temperature. Also, the PS2 runs at 24 volts on the output--the Ember runs at 48 volts--hence the power to drive more den\manding phones.
    Soundwise, I use them interchangeably. According to Frans (Solderdude the designer) the outputs on both add no color to the sound and distortion is well below 1%.
  15. connieflyer
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