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Project Ember Tube Rolling

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  1. Johan-71
    If you have the supercharger try one from the 12BH7A family.
    You can find a silvania or RCA for $20-30.
    Worth a try in my opinion.

    I have a few 7308 tubes from different brands but not from Amperex but I don't use them after I bought my 12bh7a tubes.
  2. akarise
    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep those in mind as I look for an upgrade.
  3. Soundsgoodtome

    What kind of gain do those amps have in relative to the 12AX7s? More or less?
  4. Johan-71
    The 12bh7a tube gain is 16,5.
    So it's lower.
  5. Soundsgoodtome

    Thanks for the reply! I might go ahead and try that tube.

    Just for reference, do you know the gain on the stock tube?
  6. Johan-71
    It depends on what tube you got, I think Jeremy has delivered the Ember with different tubes.
    Soundsgoodtome likes this.
  7. connieflyer
    Have been using an ECC99 for a little while now and I must say, it (seems) to have a bit of an edge over the 12bh7's.  You can not go wrong with this tube, if you like the 12bh7's you will love this one too.  I got it from tubemaze, it is a 6H6N which is the upgrade from the 6N6P-30. Very quiet, black backgrounds, vocals excell on this tube.  Have two now. Have been listening to all the tube's I have collected and think I may have to sell of some that don't get much air time.
  8. Johan-71
    My Russian (6n6p)/6H6n sounds beautiful, it sounds almost like my 12bh7a that I listen to now (Silvania). I think that 12bh7a has a little more air and a little bit larger soundstage, 6H6n has more body and sounds warmer so I alternate those two depending what I listen to.I found it on Ebay for $20 with free shipping to Sweden. I think it needs more time to open up, only got 20 hours with it so far but it really sounds promising.
    I have to many tubes too, I built up my tube stash around my HE-400. They needed some warmer tubes so I have a whole bunch of them that I don't use anymore. I don't know if it's just me, but to my ears all of the tubes that needed the supercharger sounds more relaxed and fuller.
  9. Johan-71
    Forgot to ask, what do you think about E80CC?
    I have 2 NOS Philips E88CC SQ and I only need one. Interested?

  10. connieflyer
    I have two of the E80CC by Tungsram.  One I use occasionally the other still has not been put in the amp.  I liked it enough to buy two of them, figured in case one bit the dust.  But now that I have so many tubes I will probably bit the dust first.  I have six 6DJ8's and one 7DJ8 already, that is a nice tube you have there and I probably could not afford it.  How do you like the Phillips E88CC SQ?
  11. Johan-71
    I remembered from another forum that you had the tungsram.
    I made a typo, ment Philips E80CC SQ nos. It's yours for $20.
    I do have some nos e88cc also but they don't get so much time anymore.
    My favorite tube from e88cc family is aTelefunke
    I think I have to go through my tubes again, I bought a new Dac 2 days ago so I've been concentrated on my new toy.
    I have a whole bunch of European e88cc tubes that I don't use, I always try to buy them on a pair. It's cheaper and you always have a spare.
    Send me a PM if you're interested in something special.

  12. connieflyer
    What kind of Dac did you get?  Let us know how you like it and a little synopsis of it.  As far as the tubes, I think for now I better stop buying, have more than I will use, I was always on the hunt for awhile, just could not keep my finger off the BUY button!
  13. Johan-71
    I know the feeling, just one more and then the waiting for the mailman to show up.
    I'm a "tube o hollic" and proud of it. ....
    I bought a Arcam IrDac, I've been using an ifi idac and a HRTms2 earlier and must say that this was a huge step up.
    Everything is so much more controlled and organic, picking up new details from old songs. The tube rolling is also more fun, it's easier to pick up the difference between the tubes.
    Overall it's a polite and very balanced sound signature, in a good way.
    Got more tredimensionell soundstage, especially the depth has increased.
    It also has an input for I devices but im a Android guy...
    It's definitely worth a listening if you got the chance.
    About the tubes, I prefer to benefit a fellow head-fier then put it out on ebay. I'm not trying to tempt you or maybe I am...haha.
  14. connieflyer
    No problem, no temptation at all, well maybe a little, okay probably alot, boy this gets harder all the time to just not buy tubes.  I will be fine for a short time, read an article about this tube or that and next thing you know, I have to try it myself!  Thank you for the offer, I really must go through my tubes again, just put in a 12ax7 that I thought I did not care for, but decided to let it burn in for awhile, and now I don't know why I did not care for it at first.  It is a new JJ tube, 10 bucks on amazon thought I would try it to see if the family of tubes would be worth exploring,  Not bad at all, might have to try an NOS something or other!
  15. J&J
    Using a 6n2p in E with SC VERY NICE similar to 6nip but more fleshed out sound. These Russians are not expensive. Give one a try. Garage 1217 has some
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