Post pics of your builds....
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sounds pretty good too. Once my HD650s get here I will do a head to head comparo between the gruBravo and the schiit M/M stack. 
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Nice builds guys....  And what a nice clean integrated O2 build there Vilts.  Just the essentials on the front panel, care to share a shot of the back?

Thanks. It's OK for the first build, but there are many things I'll do differently for the next one (one thing being USB hole size, just much too big here). There's not really much to see on the back :)

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Hey, thats cute.
Maybe I'll stick my SkeletonDAC under my Bravo.
I wonder what I could call it...?


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I present the gruBravo

Yay, thats cute. But, what it is? 
Looks like an amp and in the bottom there's a DAC?
But hey! I got a DIY amp too! It was done in 2 days (one for the amp itself and one for the case and bracket) a few years ago as my highschool graduating project. It's a simple 2x11W amp into a 5,25" position with in/out on a slot bracket.


It's based on a layout from the 90s so basically you could call it vintage 
It's horribly built, you move a bit with the bracket's connection cable, and you lose one of the channels, the PCB isn't attached to the casing, and the worst - the PACB is painted to YELLOW! I... I have no idea what made me to paint it to yellow 

But I'm heading to re-build it into a better case, remove those useless bass'n'trebble knobs and maybe it will get a battery as power source. Yeah, nice plans, I love doing DIY things but it takes me years to begin.
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Yay, thats cute. But, what it is? 
Looks like an amp and in the bottom there's a DAC?

Yes, it's a Bravo tube hybrid on top and a GrubDAC underneath.
@ Zashoomin
Skelvo...I like it
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I completed the re-cabling the Goldpoint 23 step attenuator using shields.  It passed the DMM for music.   When the maple knob arrives this afternoon the project will be complete.


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Attenuator works great and the knob came out exactly how I hoped it would.

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Finally finished!  Budgie SE by Parks Audio:



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