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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. leftside
    Added a custom isolation stand that I had made by a local woodworker. Reclaimed Western Red Cedar.

    IMG_2185 (Small).JPG
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  2. Monoespacio
    Custom Rega RP1 with Ortofon Bronze.

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  3. Amictus
    B11F2773-E136-489E-A66D-2651B1B5F705.jpeg This is the new arrival. Happiness.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  4. DJtheAudiophile
  5. natemact
    Wow! Was going through your gear!!
    Jan Allaerts
    KS Elation/Emotion
    Stillpoints rack!! etc...
    Very impressive sir!
    The only relation I have to any of your gear is your Bob Devices SUT. Looks like Sky, that's what I had and loved it so!! Heard the A23 Hommage T1 and my gawd was it special! But at $5K so far out of my budget for a SUT it wasn't even funny. Even $1250 on my Sky 30 was asking too much. It's nice to have Bernard Li on your side - and only down the street - at times like those! He's the Canadian distributor for BD as well as other fine gear like Scheu, EMT, Charisma Audio and WTL to name only a few.

    Anyway, I get to play with six figure systems at the audio shop I work at but your inventory impresses big time! Even more so because you're into headphones too! Rare in NA!!
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  6. Skylab Contributor
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  7. Schnarpf
    Do you record with RX?
  8. Packgrog
    Nope, just use it for edits. I record with Adobe Audition.
  9. Podster
    Man, stumbled onto Turntable paradise here! Some absolutely awesome tables and rigs for that matter, keep on spinning as nothing beats a precision analog setup for playback IMO:beerchug:

    Amadeus GTA 006.jpg
  10. natemact
    Nice! A GTA! We both get it : ) Cool suspension plus even more isolation, you clearly have that part down! It's too bad they cost so much (but stuff like these and cables typically sell for at least 25% off) but Nordost Sort Kones work really well at dissipating the internal vibration made by any component with moving parts. Biggest benefit brought by the BC I used was soundstage height grew by a couple feet. It's a very noticeable improvement. I can also attest to upgrading to Symmetrex arm (not full LTD tonearm) on my Amedeus MK1 and the Auditoirum A23 mat. Symmetrex arm gives you improvements in bass response and image focus. A23 mat can suck a little bit of air out of the treble extremes but provides a more solid foundation for bass notes to emerge from. Better suited to rocking type stuff than stock mat.
  11. Podster
    THX @natemact , with two boys wrapping up HS and headed to college soon I don't get a lot of time in my Man Cave (attic) these days but more spin time is rapidly approaching:grin: As mentioned my table is suspended by cables from my attics gabled roof which ended a terrible foot fault issue. The Bright Star and Isoblocks are probably over kill, at 51Lbs with the massive rubber feet I find this thing dead quite and solid through the freq range. Biggest improvement I've had since owning it is my new AT VM740ML (Micro Line) cartridge. Hard to believe that a $349 cartridge destroys my old Dynavector 20X but it does. Not sure if it's the dual moving magnet or the deep groove tracing of the Micro Line but this is the vinyl sound I've been seeking (after spending a ton on cartridges and step ups over the years)!!! Of course the deep groove for sure makes you keep your vinyl very clean. I'm still amazed every time I listen to Mr. Firebaugh's design as one would look at this tone arm and say there is no way that thing can accurately track but after about 2-3 minutes they are stunned. Anyway I'm glad you love yours and are getting enjoyment out of it. Cheers:beerchug:

    AT Micro Line.JPG

    Oh yeah, meant to post what this table feeds into. Not quite to total class "A" but reaching:wink:

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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  12. Packgrog
    Cool setup! If you ever have to rearrange the turntable setup, I would strongly recommend ditching the cork & rubber feet in favor of something like Herbie's Tenderfeet. I had a Mapleshade platform briefly on feet like that, and not only did they stain the hell out of the maple, but the also didn't sound very good. Good for isolation from footfalls, but awful for resonance tuning. Grungebuster dots are much more synergistic. It might not be quite as noticeable with all of the different isolation you have going on with that setup, so don't take the whole setup apart just for that, but if you have to do so for any other reason, swap out those platform feet while you're at it!
  13. Podster
    Thank you @Packgrog , should I take this down I'll give these options some consideration. I was surprised at how well my secondary rig/table fared with a wall mount, I'm for sure going to try some more vibration isolation with the P-1 setup here:beerchug:

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  14. Packgrog
    Oh yeah, that style of wall rack will likely benefit a lot from some further careful isolation (those metal brackets probably ring like a bell). Some regular Herbie's grungebuster washers between the bracket and wall where the bolts go into the wall MIGHT be enough to do the trick. Otherwise replace that bracket with something beefier that won't ring (tap any of that metal with a finger nail, and if it's not a dull thunk, it's a problem).

    Herbie's products, when used strategically, are cost effective and amazing for vibration handling, both for isolation and synergistic tuning. Rubber or Sorbothane stop vibrations, but make the sound murky. Grungebuster doesn't steal life from the music when it stops external vibrations. Just something to consider, for anyone that doesn't already know about the stuff. :D
  15. mulveling Contributor
    Not my "big rig" turntable, but this one is now dedicated to the pursuit of fine headphone sounds - a pursuit that will progress when I acquire a DIY T2 (the BHSE will always be a beauty, though) and mount a Koetsu stone body (Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, currently). The table is just back from a rebuild at SOTA to new Nova V specs. Should've had that done that years ago; what a lovely deck! It sounds better than a Schiity DAC, obviously :D
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
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