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    Headphone Inventory:
    Phantom Uni
    ER-4S - still have it just for the isolation, great for podcasts

    HD800 SDR mod
    HE-560 w/Jerg mod v1.5
    JH13 Pro Freqphase
    LCD-2.2 pre-fazor
    Loaned from Amazon. Gotta love that return policy!
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dragonfly Red w/2x Jitterbugs - just stays in my desktop

    CMA800R - very good with HD800 but overpriced
    Matrix Audio HPA-3B w/LME49720HA's - clear step up from H10
    Gustard H10 w/ AD797BRZ's & LME49720HA's - quite good with HD800 on the cheap
    Bryston BHA-1 - overpriced, not a good match with the synergistic HD800 /SDR/Cardas Clear combo
    Lake People G109-P - overpriced

    Auditioned at home:
    Arcam rHead - very good but WAY too expensive considering competition in 2018. $1K here in Canada
    Source Inventory:
    DX200 Amp 4s/8

    Ibasso Amp 3/5
    PS Audio Stellar DAC
    Well Tempered Labs Amadeus w/Symmtrex arm, DPS, A23 mat
    Charisma Audio MC-1α
    Hana SL
    Lyra Delos
    Fostex HP-P1
    Ibasso DX100
    April Music Eximus DP1
    VPI Classic w/VPI periphery ring and center weight
    Hifiman HM-601
    Dynavector Karat 17D3
    VPI Scout
    Cambridge Audio 640C V2
    Opera Consonance Droplet 3.1lp
    Dynavector 10X5
    Rega P3 w/SRM Tech platter and Technoweight
    Goldring 1042
    Rega P2
    Project Debut III
    Grado Prestige Gold
    Ortofon OM 5E

    Auditioned at home with a variety of USB decrapifiers:
    Audio Alchemy DDP-1 w/PS-5 - the best implementation of AK4490 I've heard
    Bryston BDA-2 - can get better sound for less
    Bryston BDP-2 - same
    Arcam CDS27 - extremely good sound for the price and a CDP (for the those of you that actually want it) CDP is it's best input SQ wise. Restored my hope in digital. So much so that I'm looking to purchase a DAC now:O
    Rega DAC-R - same price as CDS27, not as engaging and no CDP
    Arcam rPlay - didn't have a chance against the CDS27 - pretty lackluster sound for $800CAD
    Elac Discovery - preferred the CDS27 but free Roon Essentials is cool
    Cable Inventory:
    Penon OS849 2.5mm
    Ares II 3.5mm
    Harmonic Tech Fantasy AC-10
    Ibasso CA01/2


    Headphone cables:
    Cardas Clear for Utopia/HD800
    Kimber Axios Cu for HD800
    Audio Sensibility SE for HE-560 then re-terminated for HD800
    93Spec for JH13FP

    Way too much 2ch stuff to remember:
    Last stuff was Anticables 6.2's, AQ Jupiter, Cardas Clear Reflection IC, 2x Eichmann Express Power Series 2, Cardas Golden Ref PC

    Time before that Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II RCA's, Matrix Reference II's XLR's and Hologram II bi-wire, 3x PS Audio AC-5

    Auditioned at home:
    TEO Audio Game Changer Interconnect - Best I've heard under $1K, These are special. Please listen to TEO cables:)

    Audioquest Thunder, Tornado and Hurricane cables - Hurricane was in a league of it's own. Gotta spend double to significantly beat it

    Audioquest interconnects from Evergreen to Wind - Yukon best sound/dollar - I don't recommend their Bridges & Falls line, too thin sounding. You're better off buying River or Element series at the same price. Not the best value in the market

    Audioquest NRG-2, 4 & 10 - Don't really recommend their PC's. Buy Nordost instead

    Audioquest Leopard - too thin sounding compared to Yukon and up

    Kimber interconnects from Tonik to KS 10/1126 - better sound from competitors available. KS 10/1126 was worth it though. PK10 RH Power Kords great for large scale also highly dynamic music.

    Nordost Heimdall for HD800 - kinda boring sounding but if you want reference then this is it.

    Nordost interconnects from White Lightning to Valhalla 1 - WL is not recommended but PF and up are if you prefer neutrality and speed over warmth and flow. Not the biggest soundstage would be my only real complaint. Not the best value out there.

    Nordost power cords - from Blue Heaven to Valhalla 1. Heimdall is the best sound/dollar. Most audiophiles agree they make some of the best power cords available. Expensive is their only drawback

    Cardas interconnects from Iridium to Clear - Very very good interconnects providing full harmonic sound with massive soundstage and depending on with model ample detail. Iridium is by far best sound/dollar. Favorite is Clear Reflection

    All Anticables interconnects RCA & XLR - Very high value. Lack a little warmth and are slightly upfront sounding. Can sound slightly ethereal and lacking last degree of super tight focus with certain matching. Best cables I've used from my TT to SUT to phono stage so far (plenty of focus). As I find digital lacking musicality compared to analog I wouldn't really recommend them for digital except for the 4.1 XLR's (Xhadow plugs make the difference)

    Best sound/dollar I've heard in XLR interconnects = Anticables 4.1

    Best value I've heard in RCA Interconnects = Triode Wire Labs Spirit

    If you want high-end sound and want to keep it <$1K just buy either...don't ask questions, just get them and thank me later:)

    I imagine Pete makes very good speaker and power cords as well! A toss up between Anticables and TWL for best value power cords. Best sound/dollar its TWL but Anticables are cheaper. TWL also offers a USB cable with separate cable for power that apparently is very good!

    If $350 for Spirit's is above budget, get Cardas Iridium at $250

    If $600 for Anticables 4.1 is too much, get Spirit XLR's at $450. If Spirit XLR's are still too pricey, Iridium XLR's at $250

    Cheaper? Mogami Gold interconnects. If that's a no-go, Blue Jeans. Difference between Iridium and Blue Jeans and to slightly lesser extent Mogami is very apparent though.

    To anyone who thinks cables are bull****Yes! Cables make a difference, and even more so when listening with headphones. Open your ears but I think more importantly, open your mind:P
    Power-Related Components:
    Blue Circle PLC Thingee FX2 w/XOe
    Audioquest Edison on dedicated line
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Schitt Modi 2 wired with Lifatech Silflex Toslink - for TV
    NAD 320BEE wired with Mogami Gold - for TV
    Totem Dreamcatcher's wired with Audioquest Type 4 - for TV
    Atacama Nexus 6's - for Totems
    Nobility SRW-4A audio rack

    Bob's Devices Sky CineMag 30 - pure amazeballs
    Charisma Audio Musiko - best I know of in $ range
    HiFi-Tuning SilverStar fuses
    Parts Connexion modded PS Audio GCPH
    Cyrus 8vs2 x2
    Mytek Stereo96 ADC - ripped my vinyl
    Ayre AX-7e - This was a very nice piece
    Totem Forest's
    PMC DB1i's
    Dynavector P75 mk2 w/Dynapac
    Jolida 502brc modded with Hovland caps, Hexfred diodes and Riken resistors
    Trichord Dino
    NAD PP2

    Boxed up:
    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Nordost Sort Kones BC x3 - for TT
    Auditorium A23 record mat
    Milty Zerostat 3
    Onzow Zerodust
    PHK record cleaning machine
    LAST Record Preservative
    Music Preferences:
    Indie rock/pop/folk, jazz, 90's skate punk and some metalcore ie: Converge, Deafheaven, Baroness and the like

    Absolutely loved jazz records from Music Matters and Analog Productions labels, just silly good. They really are what made listening on a vinyl rig worth it
    Zildjian Constantinople cymbals
    Dunnett Classic SS 6.5x14" snare
    Sonor Perfect Balance pedal
    Fuji X100s


    DX200 Amp8 - OS849 - Phantom
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