Portable Tube Amp Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by cjg888, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    A bit of both, but I'll suspect the tube eats up more battery than the rest of the circuit because vacuum tube is not know of efficiency. The battery is actually pretty big compared to most portable amps.
  2. DimitriTrush
    Hi all
    Anyone coming to CanJam Audio Fest this coming OCtober 11-13?
    If not, it is not too late to make plans.
    the Ta-1 tube amp will be coming over to CanJam too
    It will be great fun.  Link to official  CanJam thread here
    Hope to meet you'l in Denver soon!
  3. iamdacow
    Subbed, owner of a govibe portatube.
  4. ianmedium
    Subbed! Great idea for a thread. ASP TU-05 owner here.
  5. CJG888

    Have you tried the BL-2 with the Fischer FA-002w? I have found this to be an excellent combination (I'm using the original, low-impedance ones with 5-step beech cups).

    Do you know if the APE-02 will ever be available separately?
  6. mannkind246
    Between the VentureCraft GoDAP TT and  GoVibe PortaTube, which is better in separation, clarity, sound stage, detail?
  7. Cotnijoe
    Subscribed! Been really interested in getting a portable tube amp! unfortunately id really like to upgrade from my sony pha1 to a better idevice dac and ss amp before finally jumping the gun on a tube amp... and that mite take a WHILE...
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  8. GermanGuy
  9. maricius
    I can't WA8 for Woo Audio. ehe aha I do hope they do better on their DAC than the WA7 Fireflies which is said to be just okay or maybe release  a WA8 and a WA8D, the "D" with the DAC, and the other transportable amp only.
  10. erfmd
    Thread dead??
  11. erfmd
    I have had the jaben govibe for a couple years and love it. But a few weeks ago the mini input plug has been dysfunctional transmitting only one channel when fully plugged in. If I pulle the plug slightly out, about 3/4 in, I will get both channels intermittently. Amc surprisingly it works with a ****ty radio shack cable! Suggestions? I am in California and don't particularly want to send to Australia. And I am not particularly "handy" nor do I have a local goto electronics guy. Thanks!!
  12. gr8soundz
    There are several new portable tube amps for 2016. The Woo Audio WA8 and ALO Continental V5 are getting the most attention.
    A company called Phatlab also has a couple of models that run dual SET mini-tubes, have 1/4in (6.3mm) headphone jacks and, despite some impressive high power specs, micro usb charging. The Phantasy appears to priced similar to the ALO CDM and WA8 but the Sassy is roughly $1K less (or around the same price as the CV5).
    The Phantasy is full Class A and also appears to be full tube (not hybrid) with miniaturized output transformers.
    The Sassy (strange name), on the other hand, is a hybrid but may have current mode amplification. Features here: http://store.jaben.com/products/phatlab-phat-sassy  show it has a Current Dumping Output Stage. Makes sense after seeing the 1000mW per channel output at 30 ohms on the manufacturer's page.
    Another amp I found is this one by a company called Lars & Ivan:
    They have a few tube amps with minor differences (like window/no window for the tubes). The 8A/X models have a volume knob but the THA-30/X have a digital volume control and a rare bass boost mode. Most of the amps (on paper) are less power than all the others above (and a 6moons review suggests there isn't much power or impact from the amp) but the prices are much less ranging from $250-$350 (although the lars-ivan store still appears to be down). 
    Right now I'm leaning toward the ALO CV5 (over the WA8) but is anyone familiar with the other amps?
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  13. gr8soundz
    Headfonia has a full review up for the Phantasy:
    Thanks to Nathan for another great review (and thanks to @Ultrainferno for the heads up).
    I also emailed Phatlabs about pricing but no response yet. Seeing prices of $1300-1600 mentioned for the Phantasy but the one and only place I've yet found it available is asking closer to $1700. Hopefully we'll see greater availability and more accurate prices soon.
  14. gr8soundz
  15. Indigo Bob
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