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2013 CanJam @ RMAF (Oct. 11-13, 2013): One of the world's finest headphone audio shows!  

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Join us (and thousands of other audio enthusiasts) for 2013 CanJam @ RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)!

Denver Marriott Tech Center
October 11, 12, 13, 2013
Buy a ticket to get into RMAF at this link or at the door, and admittance to CanJam @ RMAF is included! (I suggest buying in advance to avoid the line.)
2013-10-04 09:08 EDT UPDATE: Posted Head-Fi TV episode with sneak previews and some early reveals!


For the fifth straight year we will be hosting a CanJam event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (CanJam @ RMAF).  For those of you not familiar with Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, it is one of the finest consumer high-end audio shows in the world. CanJam @ RMAF will once again be hosted in the Rocky Mountain Event Center ballroom, giving us over 12,000 square feet to showcase headphone audio gear from around the globe!

Is there a DAC, computer audio gear, turntable, CD player, loudspeaker, or any other type of high-end audio component you want to hear?  Chances are it'll be at RMAF.  You’ll also be able to enjoy great music, discussion panels and keynotes, and, of course, the camaraderie of having thousands of like-minded audio geeks in the same place for a whole weekend!  To see a list of companies exhibiting at RMAF 2013, click on this link (as of this writing, many of the CanJam @ RMAF exhibitors are not yet on this list).
Most (if not all) of the past CanJam @ RMAF exhibitors are expected to exhibit this year, and include*:


  • ADL
  • ALO Audio
  • Astell & Kern (iriver)
  • Audeze
  • Aurisonics
  • Avatar Acoustics & iFi Audio
  • beyerdynamic
  • Cardas Cables
  • Cavalli Audio
  • CEntrance
  • FOCAL (Audio Plus Services)
  • Fostex / American Music & Sound
  • HeadAmp
  • HiFiMAN
  • Jaben
  • JDS Labs
  • JH Audio
  • Koss
  • Lake People
  • Moon Audio
  • MrSpeakers
  • Musica Acoustics
  • Perfect Sound
  • Philips
  • Ray Samuels Audio
  • Reid Heath Acoustics
  • Schiit Audio
  • Sennheiser
  • Sony
  • TEAC
  • TTVJ Audio
  • Ultimate Ears
  • V-MODA
  • Westone
  • Woo Audio

* This exhibitor list is subject to change.


We expect more exhibitors to be added soon.


Once again, we’ll be having a Saturday Night Social in the Rocky Mountain Event Center, with free local brew on tap, and with live music and DJs!

For more information about Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, visit Rocky Mountain Audio Fest's website at http://www.audiofest.net. And we will soon be providing more information (and some photos from previous CanJams @ RMAF) here in this thread.
Come join us on October 11, 12, and 13, 2013, in Denver, for 2013 CanJam @ RMAF!


Check out some of our videos covering previous CanJam @ RMAFs!


Interview with Michael Goodman from CEntrance:
Interview with V-MODA's Val Kolton:


2011 CanJam @ RMAF, Part 1 of 2 (below):


2011 CanJam @ RMAF, Part 2 of 2 (below):


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I can't wait!
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Sweet!!!  been waiting for this announcement.

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Originally Posted by bearFNF View Post

Sweet!!!  been waiting for this announcement.

+1 I told myself I'm going this year and I'm going no matter what
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Looking forward to my first big event. I've been an audio nut for awhile but didn't realize RMAF existed until a few days after last years :( I've been waiting for this all year. Of course, now I have to figure out how to get the money together to buy the next pair of headphones I fall in love with at CanJam. I've been loving my modded SR-225is but I'm wanting to hear the HD600, HD650, HE-500, and of course some of the big boys that are definitely out of my budget.

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Let's maternally-fornicating do this already!  Can't wait!  smile.gif  CanJam or bust!

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Originally Posted by mikemercer View Post

I can't wait!


20hours to drive ...God helps me  :(

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Hey Jude, can you do me a favor?  Can you remove the words "One of" and then make "shows" singular in the thread title?  It's really starting to bug me.  Thanks!

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Flight reservations - Check

Hotel reservations - Check

Vacation request approved - Check

Registration completed - Check

T-shirts ordered - Check

Name badge customized - Check


Now the wait begins....

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Sounds awesome! Now if I can skip the room fees by convincing someone to let me crash on their couch I'll be set! L3000.gif

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Can't wait. I only live an hour from Denver, but every time it's like a vacation only with some of the most amazing gear on this planet gs1000.gif


I recommend checking out the loudspeakers as well - if you have time. They also have a huge room filled with vinyl, SACDs, etc. and every time, I've discovered something new.


Not to mention all the free swag being given out by the generous vendors. Last year I got some Faders from Val just for having some M-80s around my neck.


There's definitely something for everyone at this show.

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I want to go but live up in Canada :/

Who wants to come pick me up? XD
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Glad to see an early announcement this year! wink.gif As always, I highly encourage all Head-Fiers to attend this event. It's basically a room crammed full with vendors and their wares, with tons of gear to check out. And listening to gear for yourself is way more valuable than reading user impressions on Head-Fi. Buying a plane ticket & hotel room could seriously end up saving lots of either time or money, or both!


And here's the impressions thread from last year's event for the newbies: http://www.head-fi.org/t/623236/rocky-mountain-audiofest-denver-co-oct-12-14th-2012


Too bad I won't be able to attend this year, as I have other conflicts that reduce my chance of attending to exactly 0%.

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Already testing out new portables to bring!!

Psyched - last year @Jude lemme play around w/ his Sony PHA-1 (damn, somehow that doesn't sound so good, LOL) and I'm bringin' mine this year!


Testing out the Alpha Design Labs X1 right now.

I'm impressed!


Psyched to see everyone and hear all the wonderful music!



the audible toyz


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Mike, what are the odds of Nordost making a cable with silver/chrome sheathing and white housings/heat-shrink?

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