Portable Tube Amp Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by cjg888, Sep 24, 2013.
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  1. RuFrost
    too bad this thread is so calm and there are no alternatives!
    I have recently received ALO cv5. It is just shockingly good amp. It turns my Fiio X7 like 4-7 steps up in quality in comparison with am1 or other amps I ever connected to it.
    Anything I have heard before just sucks. The amp is the wonder. I started to love the music again, since I was satisfied with Colorfly C4 Pro few years ago.
    Tube does make wonders. It brings to the music life...naturality...inspiration and immaterial beauty. Drives beautifully anything from iem and light headphones to tough and high ohm cans and earbuds. Cannot be more happy with the little device than that. IMHO it is better than Chord Hugo (though auditioned it shortly) and any dac\amp available on the market before 1400$.
    Please guys, share more your impressions!
    P.s: Phatlab introduced next generation of amps!
  2. Bluess
    I'm using a X7 mk2 and their plug and play amp module does not impress me one bit. I'm now using it with an E12DIY and the differences is night and day. Can you elaborate more about the Cv5 going with X7? I heard mk2 sounds similiar to the first version though
  3. gr8soundz
    Oriolus also makes a couple portable tube amps:


    The BA-10 is a dual tube hybrid with balanced 2.5mm out and the NT-1 uses Korg's Nutube. I only have the BA-10 and have been using it as my main amp for a while now. Oriolus doesn't make headphones so neither amp has a gain switch and their power output is geared more towards iems (although the BA-10 has just enough juice to power my T50rp or T1.2 with the volume at about 3 o'clock).

    More info/thread for the BA-10:
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  4. ymshulman
    I didn't even know portable tube amps were a thing. Had my mind set on portable and so wasn't looking at tubes - thanks for the education! Now on to more research... :smile_phones:
  5. RuFrost
    CV5 adds extension, dynamics, life and naturality to the sound. x7+cv5 is just perfect combination. LO of x7 is really well done and wins over its competitors and even much more expensive players i.e. from astell and kern...cv5 is versatile amp - it can drive anything from low ohm iems to high ohm earbuds, planars and full size headphones. I noticed that the amp tend to convert your headphones to speakers. This is what I feel like when I listening to it with any headphones I own. You receive speakers on your head which are miniaturized. Very mature sound and drives everything with high authority. Fantastic digitalization and extension on all frequency range. Strong clean bass which preserves balance between weight and slam. The most natural voices and instruments, highs and mids you can ever hear from portable devices. Really recommend to try. CV5 is something in the world of audio.
  6. Bluess
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm saving for one now. At the price range there's vorzuge duo II and myst portable amp which is a heavy contender for Cv5. Sadly I'm not able to get a demo for any of them before making a decision
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