1. ClieOS

    [Impression] Tube Amp BL-2 - Portable Miniature-tube Amp from China

    The BL-2 is a little tube amp from a fairly new Chinese amp manufacturer called ‘Tube Amp’. Perhaps not the most ingenious of naming, they do however only focus on portable tube amp. The DIY’er behind the company began his own quest of building a portable tube amp years ago, and has successfully...
  2. CJG888

    Portable Tube Amp Discussion and Appreciation Thread

    Having just pulled the trigger on a Tube Amp BL-2, I felt it might be a good time to set up a dedicated forum here for the discussion of portable tube amps. At present, no such thread appears to exist. The thread has been created for the discussion of all portable tube and tube/solid state...
  3. fleasbaby

    ELEKIT Vacuum Tube Hybrid Portable Headphone Amp

    Hi All,   Noticed this on eBay yesterday, and have done some digging around but can't seem to find any reviews. Anyone come across one before, and have any impressions?    
  4. mrinspire

    Tubeamp BL-2 : Portable Goodies

    Tubeamp BL-2 has arrived in! Tubeamp from China had contacted me not too long ago after my Tubeamp TA-01 review for reviewing their current portable flagship, Tubeamp BL-2 (430USD), BL-2 is available in market for quite a long time already and I am sure some of you might heard of...
  5. Tube Amp BL-2

    Tube Amp BL-2

    Portable Miniture-tube Amp