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Portable Dac

  1. Stfr1908

    Recently I bought the Sennheiser IE80 S (IEM) the sound is dynamic and smooth. The mids are wonderfull, lows are good. But when I listen to music with a lot of bass and a high tempo I recognized that my IE80's can't handle the speed of the bass.

    I consider to buy a portable dac to increase my listening to my IE80S. My source is an Samsung s8. Maybe I'm looking to bring new life in my iPod touch (5th generation) which is halfdead.

    The genres of music that I listen to: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hiphop/R&B. Warm, dynamic and bassy combined with a wide soundstage are some words for my musical preferences.

    Preferences for DAC:
    * portable for on-the-go listening
    * good battery
    * warm, dynamic sound
    * no decrease of the bass
    * bass boost controller (as an option)
    * Budget max € 220,-
    I was wondering if someone has recommendations for a good portable dac that will fit with my preferences?

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