portable amplifier
  1. elton7033

    FS: Masskobo 424 Fullbalanced Portable Headphone Amp(price dropped)

    New bought less than 1months ago new from Jaben Hong Kong, MSRP 150000yen+ shipping from Masskobo website, retailed here in JABEN Network for 13000hkd(1300pounds) new and the interconnection cable 2000hkd , selling only because I don’t use at all. Original box, booklet and warranty card...
  2. Arkadiy

    For sale Quables iQube V2 white =SOLD=

    For sale portable headphone amplifier with USB DAC iQube V2 in perfect condition
  3. ThePrince425

    (Price drop!) Bakoon HPA-01M Satri Current Amplifier!

    Rarely available on the market, the HPA-01M earns its legendary status for its unique proprietary approach using current based amplification. This is sublime with my power hungry Audezes and HD800S driven in current mode. Reviews all around, universally positive, and arguably the best portable...
  4. Ampio VD-6880 Bluetooth Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier

    Ampio VD-6880 Bluetooth Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier

    Product Features * Bluetooth V5.0 specification * Japan Audio Society Hi-Res standard sound quality certified * Supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC codecs * Supports up to 384kHz/32Bit sample rate with advanced SRC/Sample Rate Converter * Frequency range up to 100kHz * 4 sound inputs...
  5. scott1

    Cayin C5 Portable Amp (no DAC)-sold

    Selling my C5 amp because I really don't use it much anymore. Sounds great (especially on high gain with the bass boost) and still has great battery life. I have all the original packaging too. Literally the only flaw to is that one of the 4 little feet that cushions it when you have it banded...
  6. ssrock64

    Grado RA1 Battery Version - less than 50 hours since new

    I bought this RA1 brand new to pair with a PS500 I owned for approximately six months during 2017. In that time, the RA1 was used only with the PS500 and received less than 50 hours of use. With the PS500 gone, I no longer use this amp in any of my setups, and would rather pass it on to somebody...
  7. Stfr1908

    Portable Dac

    Hey, Recently I bought the Sennheiser IE80 S (IEM) the sound is dynamic and smooth. The mids are wonderfull, lows are good. But when I listen to music with a lot of bass and a high tempo I recognized that my IE80's can't handle the speed of the bass. I consider to buy a portable dac to...
  8. wxchue

    Onkyo DP-X1 with Onkyo DAC-HA200 Pairing

    Dear Head-Fier, Currently, my set up is Onkyo DP-X1 portable player with Onkyo DAC-HA200 portable amplifier to drive up my LCD2. I faced an issue with both devices connected, it charges up each other. If I use a normal micro USB cable from DP-X1 (output) to DAC-HA200 USB port (input), the...