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  1. Questyle M12

    Questyle M12

  2. nhftk4320

    Pairing DragonFly Black with Kinera Nanna

    Hi, I am considering buying the praised Kinera Nanna 2.0. I currently own a pair of Shure SE425 paired with AudioQuest's DragonFly Black (+JitterBug). I use IEMs almost exclusively on public transit so buying a regular sized dac/amp is problematic. My question is: Is the DragonFly Black a...
  3. tarunalpha

    Hiby R3 vs portable DAC

    Hello, i am looking for the portable audio solution for my Oneplus 3 and Galaxy tab s2. Ultrasone Naos looks to be very promising solely because of its versatility. And after reading reviews about Hiby R3, i am very much tempted to buy it. 1. As per the specs and reviews, we can use R3 as...
  4. Wannabenewton

    Fiio A5 Vs nano idsd LE(lighter edition)

    One is just a portable amp the other a DAC with an amp I know, I'm just not so sure a DAC is that necessary for a beginner like me but then there's no harm in getting one especially since A5 and idsd cost the same but then idsd le outputs 150mw at 32ohm and A5 gives 800mw at 32ohm. I am...
  5. AriGibson

    Portable-ish DAC Under $50? Under $30 Preferred

    Hey everyone! So I have the Samson Z35 which go for around $65. I kind of want to try getting a DAC for it, but I just wanted to run it by a few experts before choosing. I'm thinking my cans aren't good enough to benefit from a DAC anyway, but I don't really know. Currently, they plug right...
  6. Stfr1908

    Portable Dac

    Hey, Recently I bought the Sennheiser IE80 S (IEM) the sound is dynamic and smooth. The mids are wonderfull, lows are good. But when I listen to music with a lot of bass and a high tempo I recognized that my IE80's can't handle the speed of the bass. I consider to buy a portable dac to...
  7. Playstation

    cheap optical in/ 3.5mm output amp/dac *UPDATED 11/8*

    Hell all! good to be back here, on the hunt, again. I did some searching through the archives, but I didn't really find anything concrete about what I'm looking for. As we all have our own unique needs. If you know of any old threads, please link them here. So. I was ordering from Amazon and...
  8. E

    Serious Neutral IEM + portable DAC/AMP combinations?

    Hello distinguished audiophiles. I put my Sony XBA-H3s through the washing machine, so now I am in the market for a good pair of IEMs and, in addition, a good DAC amplifier that complement them. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. The XBA-H3s were fun to listen to, but they were...
  9. Don Sergio G

    LG HI-FI Plus for portable setup

    Recently, I bought my first pair of good headphones, the AKG K702s, they're great and my HTC 10 runs them properly thanks to the 24 bit dac it has, but when I'm at the office I don't want to get distracted by my phone and the built in headphone jack on my old macbook ran the cans poorly, also...