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cheap optical in/ 3.5mm output amp/dac *UPDATED 11/8*

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Playstation, Oct 20, 2017.
  1. Playstation
    Hell all!

    good to be back here, on the hunt, again.

    I did some searching through the archives, but I didn't really find anything concrete about what I'm looking for. As we all have our own unique needs. If you know of any old threads, please link them here.

    So. I was ordering from Amazon and for whatever reason my stuff wouldn't be arriving for two months!! 0_0
    Not sure why such a delay as this is not Christmas. So I canceled that order. and. I do NOT want to order from Amazon if it is going to take that long.

    With that and the title being said. Allow me to go further into the details.

    First off. I read that the Fiio Taishan is not recommended for use where headphones would be plugged in directly. Which seems bizarre to me.

    The details are as follows.

    portable dac/ usb dac
    budget - $50
    input - digital optical
    output 3.5mm
    will NOT buy from amazon

    Now, I know there are some really cheap dacs that are brand new, and good deals are better used dacs.

    If I do go with a brand new dac that is fairly cheap. I would want to know that the brand, a lot of which are unknown to me, will be reputable regardless the cheap price.

    thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  2. Playstation
    how about some recommendations from the all wise around here?
  3. duo8
    FiiO D03K, 3.5mm output, it's line-out so you need an amp.
    There's also FX-X6, however it doesn't run off USB power.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  4. Playstation
    thank you for your reply duo8.

    If that D03K needs an amp to do what I need then I don't need the D03K because I am not going to be buying an amp.

    As much time that has passed since I created this thread I should have had more replies or even found something suitable myself. Sadly, neither are the case as of yet.

    The details are as follows.

    portable dac/ usb dac
    budget - $50
    input - digital optical
    output 3.5mm
    will NOT buy from amazon
    something that doesn't require an amp
  5. Playstation
    is anyone familiar with the Tendak/ Smakn/ FX/ Behringer/ SMLS brands for dac/apms?

    Btw duo8. Looks like an amp/dac combo is probably the easiest way to get closer to what I want. So you are right. kudos. I just didn't want to buy an amp.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  6. Playstation
    so I'm looking at these

    and if anyone in the US knows where I can get an authentic one for a reasonable price I'd appreciate the reference. All i really know about is bestbuy,frys,newegg,amazon,tigerdirect.



    I'll be needing a 1/4 adapter. I'm hoping most brands will suffice. I remember a certain company had an issue with their 1/4 jack adapters at one time.
  7. duo8
    Just remember that neither of these are portable or USB-powered, and the X6 has high output impedance so it's unsuitable for low impedance headphones (it's 10ohm iirc so you headphone will have to be >80ohm).
  8. Playstation
    Does that mean that the amp would hurt my speakers? or you wouldn't hear any sound? or it would basically be a waste if I didn't have the proper impedance. Which is only 32ohm. I don't care if I utilize the amp to it's full potential. I just need the optical input more than anything. But. finding a optical input dac that you can directly connect your headphones to isn't so easy to find. Forget I said portable, it won't be leaving the house. I should have said compact. Also, usb powered isn't important neither. The external power adapter would actually free up the usb port. My needs are still the same, I'm merely having to broaden my search to find something, anything.
  9. Playstation
    Btw I just ordered the SMSL SD-793II DAC Optical Coaxial with Headphone Amp which has 32 impedance. Maybe I'll do a review in the near future to compliment my Plantronic Rig appreciation thread. Though the PLantronic Rig 505 don't need amplification. I am totally curious how they will sound with an amp.

    Anyways. thanks again duo8!
  10. Playstation
    Just got my S.M.S.L which came with this interesting all in one pocket tool and a catalog from the retailer.

    If anyone is curious. I can do an open box presentation and followup with my first impression on how it sounds with my Plantronic Rig 505's. That is, if anyone even cares anymore. xD

    Definitely nothing worth starting a new thread for.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017

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