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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Andrew Harper
    No point trying I would imagine. AptX HD and LDAC use completely different internal hardware. The 300R doesn't have any electrical components inside of it to make compatible with either of these technologies.

    Ok, you may be able to install some sort of driver that might allow the two systems to talk to one another but it' won't be in HD or LDAC. It will just be a standard Aptx stream. So you may as well just stick with what it comes with :)
  2. Andrew Harper
    Hmmm, not sure. I assume all the software is up to date on it? I admit though that most of my portable hardware is happier running off my 2Ghz Wifi rather than the other flavour. The 5GHz connection is only really helpful when I'm streaming something internally. The signal level is about 25% less vs 2Ghz and with the stone walls in my house, the slower connection is just more stable.

    Have you gone into your router settings and quickly looked at what's currently connected? Maybe something else on your home wifi is interfering with it. Is your old 300R still connected? Bit of a wild guess but it could be the old and new are sharing the same connection settings, therefore conflicting with one another and that's why it won't work.

    Apart from that, I'm not sure. I have a Aorus laptop, and the original wifi card was a right pain. Simply refused to connect to 5GHz or remain stable, only when I changed it out with the latest card did it work 100% reliably. Different situation but I understand your problem.
  3. antdroid
    Are you sure? I thougth the codec is mostly software and licensing issues. Ive seen various AptX devices get mods to add both HD and LDAC support in the past. Don't know if it's the same exact hardware but I imagine it's similar.
  4. Andrew Harper
    I was trying to see if I could find out what chip the player has but looking at when the player was released AptX HD hadn't been released yet. The 30R player was a year or so later and I see that's had a firmware update recently to allow AptX HD streaming. Although internally they are pretty different.

    I found this comment on one website "Although Qualcomm’s range of Bluetooth products is pretty extensive, I could only find mention of aptX HD support inside its top-end CSR8675 and CSRA68100 platforms." Admittedly that article was a little old but it shows that you need the hardware in the player to actually use it.

    As I mention, I suppose you could make a driver that could transmit music via those codecs, however if the hardware isn't there you will still be listening in "normal" SD music. You need to have both AptxHD hardware on both the transmitter side and the receiver side for it to work properly.

    It's no big loss to me, I listen via a set of AKG AptX headphones when out walking to work or travelling on a plane so the upgrade of Hi-Res makes no sense (too much ambient noise). When I'm listening via my expensive headphones, that tends to be at home and of course they are plugged into the player to take full advantage of the Hi-Res Quality.

    If you make it work though, let us know :)
  5. antdroid
    hehe. Yea. I've successfully rooted, created a recovery and made a backups of the stock images for this device but creating a new driver.. .i think that's outside my wheel-house. I may try to port over a ROM and see if I can get it working now that I have backups.

    AptX is quite serviceable, but I have tried LDAC and AptX HD and I've picked up on small improvements using them. Not the end of the world as AptX is still a big leap above SBC. I just picked up the Fiio M6 to use as a bluetooth transport for my LDAC headphones anyway. :)
  6. sandman2575
    Does anyone else experience the 300R's wi-fi connection cutting out at random intervals? I've recently noticed that, while streaming Tidal, my 300R sometimes loses its connection to my wi-fi network. Usually it picks it back up in the matter of a second or 2 -- and I guess the buffering is sufficient that it can lose the signal and still not interrupt the music for very short periods? Other times it takes longer for the wi-fi connection to re-establish, leading to very frustrating breaks in Tidal playback.

    I recently upgraded my Xfinity to the 'gigabit' service (...highly oversold in terms of what it promises... none of my wireless devices seems to get above 300 mbps using it... I know 1,000 mpbs is all but impossible but I was hoping for something along the lines of 500 mbps... anyway...) -- I wonder if this could have anything to do with my 300R wireless problem? That would seem strange though as it's a much improved signal and speed from what I previously had, and the 300R indicates the connection as "excellent", so not sure why it should be cutting out from time to time - ?
  7. zombicube
    My experience with the 300R's wifi is that it is pretty bad. It almost always requires me to force it to connect to either of the two routers I use the most--when I get to work, I must tell it to connect to the work router; when I get home, I must tell it to connect to the home router. Almost every time. And, yes, it drops the wifi connection frequently--sometimes reconnecting on its own, but not always.

    I only use the wifi to download the occasional podcast or audiobook, so it's not a big deal to me. I can imagine it would drive me nuts if I needed wifi all the time for Tidal or whatever.
    sandman2575 likes this.
  8. sandman2575
    @zombicube -- Wow that's pretty distressing to hear. The iffy wi-fi is becoming a source of concern for me -- probably about 80% of the time, I'm using the 300R to stream Tidal (or possibly Spotify) -- only about 20% of the time am I listening to my own ripped FLAC files...

    I can definitely go stretches without the wi-fi cutting out. I was watching it pretty closely last night because it seemed more frequent. I don't know if it's coincidental that I just upgraded my wireless service -- it seems like it's more than coincidence. I really was not noticing the wi-fi cutting out until now.

    Which ties into my other worry about the inability to update Android, short of the quite complex rooting procedure antdroid has outlined (which I do not feel at all competent to do myself).
  9. antdroid
    @sandman2575 - I haven't experienced any wifi issues with the 300R in any of the places I've taken it with me.

    Are you getting wifi interference from other devices? Have you tried connecting to 2.4 and 5GHz?
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  10. sandman2575

    Sorry to sound so terribly ignorant -- but other devices can interfere with wifi reception? I was using the 300R in close proximity to my Samsung tablet -- like, less than a foot apart from one another, though I didn't notice any wi-fi connection issues on the Samsung. Do you think having them close together could cause problems on the 300R?

    I did try 'restricting' the 300R to the 5GHz band rather than use the 'automatic' setting, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I didn't try just the 2.4 GHz band though.
  11. antdroid
    It's possible if there's a lot of devices connected to your router or you have signals interfering with it. But it's probably unlikely.

    Sometimes FORGET, and reconnect on the device and router reboots work for me when I have wifi issues.
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  12. cwatters
  13. cwatters
    I have 2 of the 300r players One connected to 2g and 5g no problem. Unfortunately the micro usb crapped out on that one and I can’t charge it. The other one won’t see my 5g and drops the 2g all the time. Strange thing is I have a WiFi analyzer app on it and it sees everything and reports strong signal. The WiFi antenna is supposed to be the glass looking area on the back of the unit so you might want to make sure your not covering that up accidentally. So much potential but poor execution on so many levels
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  14. sandman2575
    Is that what that black strip is on the back? I was wondering! I mean, I ordinarily put the 300R down on a table when I use it. That necessarily covers up the back.

    I agree, some questionable design decisions.

    Pioneer's refusal to allow for Andriod updates is pretty outrageous, actually. I mean, at some point, won't Tidal, Spotify etc. no longer be supported by the very outdated Android on the 300R?
  15. miguel.yarce
    I use the wifi of my 300r to download some times files from my drive in google, DSD and FLAC so they are big files and I have never had any issues also with the Tidal sreaming, but with the bluetooth yes, It have a lot of stops when I use my bose wireless sport (only for the gym). Some times with my car, but I decided to use my phone for that :slight_smile:
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