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Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

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  1. Lurk650
    What tips are those?

    I've settled on the Medium Symbio tips
  2. Slater
    Nice cable.
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  3. pr0b3r
    Not sure exactly. I just found them inside the case of tips I don't usually use. Maybe they're from iBasso IT03 stock tips.
  4. rockingthearies
    How does the ch9t compare with the ibasso it03?
  5. pr0b3r
    Not much of an expert in describing sound but I'll try to list down the obvious differences I noticed.

    Subbass: IT03 is still the best in this department. I have been looking for other IEMs (budget to mid) which has an equally competitive subbass but have not found anything so far. CH9T's subbass isn't that bad. You'll still feel a deep rumble when needed but not as deep and powerful as the IT03.

    Midbass: I feel that the CH9T has a better quality thump in the midbass than the IT03.

    Overall bass: CH9T has more boom and is a bit faster than the IT03. Though there is this surprise factor from the subbass of the IT03 when it suddenly crawls up from the deepest frequencies and make its way when the song needs it. I'm still impressed everytime.

    Mids: Guitars and vocals sound more upfront in the CH9T than the IT03. Not that the latter has recessed vocals, they're just about neutral I think. Guitar riffs got a bit more texture on the CH9T.

    Treble: IT03 sounds a bit brighter in general. Upper mids to treble sometimes has the tendency to get hot. CH9T is smoother than IT03 but not generally smooth. Both have good definition in details and extension. I feel that the IT03 has bit more air here.

    Headstage/Soundstage: IT03 has more width and depth than the CH9T. Still, the CH9T doesn't feel enclosed or too intimate at all. Probably also due to the DAP I'm using (Opus#1) which has good soundstage qualities.

    Somebody please correct me if I heard something wrong about the two. Well, mostly are subjective observations as usual so please go easy on me and take these with a grain of salt.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  6. gazzington
    Bought a pair of these as from reading this forum they sound good and I got them for a reasonable price
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  7. loomisjohnson
    just tested the focal sphear (will be posting a review on aproear)--unexpectedly impressive. i prefer the fit and form factor of the pioneer, but soundwise they're quite competitive.
  8. gazzington
    wow, I have been using these since Saturday afternoon and they are incredible. Sound way better than price would suggest. Iron Maiden book of souls flac currently playing and it sounds very dynamic
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  9. Ivan TT
    Finally these memory foam tips arrived:

    They fit well, although I had to push the all the way in to get comfortable fit.

    If you want better isolation, increased bass and mids, wider soundstage, yet somewhat recessed highs (compared to stock) - these are a no-brainer and ridiculously cheap.

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  10. chokini
    Did you test the "Sphear S" or the "Sphear" ?
  11. khestoi
    How does this compare with simgot en700 pro?
  12. Lurk650
    Loomis details the comparison with the Bass version I sold him. Of course Bass has a fixed cabled compared to Pro, and I believe Pro has a bit more fine tuning
  13. loomisjohnson
    plain old sphear--quite good
  14. Lurk650
    FWIW, I've been using my Medium Sized Normal Bore Symbio's. Was good but would sllde out my ear at the gym. Got in the Small Size Wide Bore yesterday, fit like a glove at the gym and more importantly the Wider bore (which for some reason I don't really notice as much wider) did actually improve the sound, guess bc of how large the nozzle is. Maybe the slightly less seal of the Small from the Medium helped too, all I know is I seem to be hearing mids like the foams without the issues of dealing with foam.
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  15. mykeldg
    Are those tips better than the spiraldots? Howmuch are they?
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