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Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

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  1. jant71
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] upload_2017-10-28_14-33-2.jpeg
    Never even changed the cable myself but seen plenty of pics and no mention of "regular" MMCX not working. I read of the spring in the connector being strong and perhaps better to poke to depress it if changing the cable out often to be safe. Actually pulled on the connector one time and was kinda scared to give more force than i was so I can confirm they lock in there quite well :)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  2. Zuetsu
    Agree with you about those S8 earphones. They came with my S8 and at first they didn't really impress me. I used them with stock tips as beaters, but later I lost one of the tips, so I replaced them with some spare spiral dot tips and they started to sound really good. Maybe it was because I got a better seal with them. They offer really nice bass, detail and seperation.
  3. Toretoshark
    Probably is that spring is too strong but I've read that excessive strength is need it to connect and disconnect other cables and then original cables does not fit so strong
  4. mykeldg
    Kz spc cables work well. Very secure fit thats better than the stock.

    Ve spc cables do fit but are less secure than stock cable.(they fall out on mine with light pressure)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  5. Lurk650
    I've attached plenty of cables to mine, only one that didn't attach is the AKG N40 cable.
  6. aertus
    its not that off topic but i jut wanted to see good other earphones are compared to this. Cuz pioneer is not a name thrown around when one talks about headphone quality you know what im saying. i think the B&O earphones taht come with the new v30 might be better than the s8
  7. Toretoshark
    Brand is not a guarantee of quality, Pioneer is not and unknown brand and there is many headphones without a famous brand on it with very good quality
  8. chickenmoon
    From pics I have seen they look exactly the same as those that are out since about a year and if there has been no internal changes they are just another variation of the Quadbeat 3 with a new housing and a tuning by B&O. I have a pair of those and they sound very similar to the Quadbeat 3 tuned by AKG. Compared to the S8 AKG (and the CH9T), they seem to lack subbass and treble extension and feel less detailed, they are still good and clear sounding but are just not as good as the two former. Of the three variations I like the original Quadbeat 3 the most.
  9. rockingthearies
    Received my CH9T at first I was abit down, impressed by how clear the mids were and the airy soundstage. But I wonder why I had so little bass and treble extension. No bass slam and cymbals presentation just sounded messy. (I thought I had a good seal but nope.)

    So I decided push the iems further into my ears so that it is sitting fully snuged in my ears. Wow this is when the magic kicks in. Plenty of sub bass but not over done. Treble hits are clear, I still feel there is a spike around 4k Hz. Soundstage still feels very airy realise for the treble to shine it you need to crank up the volume knob. Feels like the CH9T will do well amped. Can't wait for this iem to burn in further.
  10. rockingthearies
  11. Aphex72
    In the IT03 it fits perfectly. In the CH9T it is necessary some pressure to place it.
  12. hgpardo
    How does the CH9T compare with quality bassie earphones like the 'woodie' JVC HA FX850 in soundstage and clarity? And the Sony XB90EX? I have both earphones, but searching for more detail and better treble and sondstage like the FIIO EX1.
  13. aertus
    yes this can be true. quality is not always exclusive to brands, but sometimes it is and its easier for people to trrust brands with reputation rather than some unheard of one. Granted im sure AKG wasnt always mainstream or whatever. With taht said pioneer isn't exactly unheard of in audio equipment either way.

    this seems like a good earphone and might buy it.
  14. gazzington
    How would these iems be for various types of metal?
  15. pr0b3r

    Awesome improvement if you get that perfect fit (not perfect seal) that you're looking for. A lot of tip rolling was done before I could say I'm settled to these wide bore small sized tips. I usually use medium for all other IEMs I have but since the CH9T has an unusually large nozzle, the small tips were the ones that gave me the best comfort, seal/isolation, and sound. I'm sure this won't be the case for others since we have different ear anatomy.
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