Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

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  1. Ivan TT
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  2. Ivan TT
    I've got mine from, new, just under $90 including DHL delivery that took about a week.

    CH9T are the most detailed and precise, transparent and clean sounding ear/headphones I have ever owned.

    These are very balanced (albeit leaning towarsd V-shape), frequency response appears to be flat, I cannot identify any frequencies that are lacking or over-represented.

    Soundstage is realistic, neither narrow or wide, but high frequencies (both amplitude and precision, detail) help to create very convincing 3D spacial illusion, especially on the reverb tails that sound like they extend from you ad infinitum, sometimes even wrapping around behind (or rather creating such an illusion), especially when using "gradual" filer on my M2s.

    Despite being analytical due to the precision and low-level detail reproduction (even leaning towards being clinical and somewhat dry) I feel they are very musical or rather they are not getting in the way between music piece and listener. Having said that their level of detail and transparency makes them rather unforgiving towards any quality-related issues in the music itself, unlike with some earphones that smack and smear their sonic signature all over the frequency range thus bringing any and every musical piece to the common denominator of their "signature" sound ( I can think of few examples here).

    Fit is very comfortable and stable, they are quite light and their shape and size helps to set them right supported by outer ear shape.

    Tips are wide-bore and have fins inside that help to lock earphones in the ear canal, but since CH9T are wide-bore I get best fit with smalle size (although I normally use mediums). They respond to tips rolling well, but I returned to original small size tips eventually, as they work best when inserted deeply in the ear canal, so that they come into full contact with parts of outer ear, helps with sound quality and secure fit. Update: ended up using rather tight fitting (both on nozzle and in ear canal mediums, not stock).

    CH9T's are the first pair of earphones that are all but not source-dependent, retaining their characteristics (or rather - the lack of them) between different sources: I tried Zishan family, Shanling M2s, MacBook and iPods and could not hear any significant change in the sound-signature (obviously discounting for the differences between these sources).

    They sound good out of the box, after about 50 hours of burn-in the change is not that dramatic, but I feel they became even more frequency-response wise and extra level of detail unlocked.

    I definitely recommend them and currently pretty much stopped using anything else, as all ear/headphones I have now obviously show their deficiencies and (in some cases) - tantrums.
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  3. jant71
  4. redkingjoe
    I'm extremely interested in the pioneer products.

    Pioneer has a lot of impressive innovation. For example, while most brands simply buy cd mechanism and dac to add to a power supply for making a CD player, pioneer designed their own dac and mechanism to overcome the weakness of traditional CD. I hope I can see some innovative headphone from pioneer now.

    Pioneer has a long history of producing high quality audio products for reasonable price. The company was founded by Christian to combine audio with evangelism.
  5. kevinscottcaja
    Hi all, how is the noise isolation of this IEM considering there is a large vent beside the MMCX connector? Thanks!
  6. Ivan TT
    Update: when using stock tips high frequency content is good, but sometimes overwhelming and I notice a resonant peak around 2.5kHz, due to which listening to something like RHCP's Californication becomes a torture by piercing shrieks. I settled on small size wide bore soft tips from TF10's, they are a bit longer compared to stock and took ages to put on. I'm much more content with the sound now, there's better low frequency extension and more mids, soundstage became wider but highs are now soft and well-balanced, at the expense of losing some air and detail.
    The sound is very balanced and even more musical now.
    I would strongly recommend some tips rolling on these IEMs.
  7. Ivan TT
    It's actually quite good, I believe wider nozzle helps a lot. Tricky to put a number on it, but I'd say 12dB, or in the real life terms, I have to take them out even when music is not playing to hear what another person says.
  8. HungryPanda
    The nozzle is rather large but I got MandarinE wide bore small tips and all is well, these are probably my favourite iems at the moment
  9. Slater
    I got mine from an authorized dealer on Amazon for $59 shipped on 08/09/17.

    Has anyone had their cable come unraveled before? Mine hasn't, but another member posted that theirs has started to come unravaled at the bottom. The cable looks kind of fragile.
  10. Ivan TT
    Quick comparison to other popular IEM's:

    Compared to Tennmak Pro CH9T has better highs (both in level and precision), much faster and cleaner (maybe a just a bit lacking or not smooth but rather clear) mid-range, better low extension, speed and precision, but narrower soundstage. I'm not that well-versed in V-A-U shapes, but CH9T is moderately V-shaped.

    ZS5 is highly colored in upper highs area and lacks in precision compared to CH9T, my impression of ZS5's low-end is that it is... nondescript and not THAT engaging, unlike the power and musicality CH9T has.

    One way to describe and compare CH9T is take UrbanFun (beryllium), improve precision tenfold (especially in the high frequency range, reducing quantity but increasing quality and class), tame down its V-shape a bit, but leave the fun factor in and you will get an idea about the direction you have to go to get to CH9T. :L3000:
  11. snip3r77
    I checked camel x 3 it didn't go down to that price.
  12. Slater
    Guess I'm lying then:


    Untitled drawing (4).jpg
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  13. jant71
    Actually it says on Aug. 8 - 11 it was $59 3rd party new :) You just didn't click on 3rd party new sellers.

    Also, I know that I wrap the cable up around my hand before putting them in a case and play sports and sweat on them a little and get them yanked out at times and I throw them in the drawer and my cable shows none the worse for wear.
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  14. Slater
    Glad to hear! Thanks
  15. pinoyman
    this iem is popular here in my country - Philippines.
    most of my members love it :)
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