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Pioneer SE-CH9T - Premium In-Ear Headphones

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  1. aertus
    yeah i feel like at this point you can't go wrong with the pioneers since almost everyone is really highly praising them. i hope its not one of those where its overrated. at 100 dollar price tag there is definitely strong competition but are there any that even sound better. I feel like there are some Sony pairs I know are better but forgot.

    yeah the comparison doesn't make sense it would make sense to compare them with 100 dollar close to their price tag.

    Idk about the elear but i know the utopias are the best or one of the best. Have you seen sony's z1r headphones?
    at this point it seems its very subjective. I trust people who have lots of experience with equipment and music production the most. With that said, i resort to whathifi, headfi, and other youtubers. IF tehre is a product thats highly praised throughout all 3 i know it must be pretty damn good.

    Right now Rha m750, Sony ex650ap or the 750ap, Senheiser in ear momentum, Focal Sphear, Pioneer CH9 are definitely high on my list. IF anyone knows anything thats around 100 dollars or less thats really good let me know im looking for the perfect pair for 100 dollars. There is also 1more driver but i don't trust chinese brands.
  2. aertus
    okay there is one more pair of earphones that I see are highly rated. the Bowers and wilkings c5 series 2. anyone know about these pair and how they compare to the pioneers?
  3. Lurk650
    Oh most definitely...the price even with the $300 off by trading in an old pair of headphones was still out of my budget, maybe if I hadn't already got the CA Lyra II :D
  4. mykeldg
    Heyy i like zeos reviews. Hes definitely a no nonesense type reviewer. His reviews usually comes with sound demo, and i can definitely say his impressions atleast most of the time, does agree with the sound demo.(like how the elears have a shallow soundstage and crossfeedish stereo imaging)
  5. HungryPanda
    I'm subscribed to his you tube feed and like his reviews but he sure listens to music too loud and a lot of bad music at that :)
  6. chickenmoon
    The IE800 are overrated IMO and if you don't like its sound signature you'll find that you'll rate many current £100 or below IEMs as better. Hell, I like my Samsung/AKG EO-IG955 I buy for £6 better than the IE800 which costs one hundred times more!!! It's discussable whether the EO-IG955 or the CH9T are technically inferior to the IE800 but I can tell that if they are it's not by very much so the criteria that comes first is the tonal balance as they have all excellent clarity.

    @aertus: You can strike the Sony EX650 off your list as they aren't on level at all IMO and you might want to check Onkyo E700 too. If you're looking for something with strong bass the NAD VISO HP20 are very nice.
  7. chickenmoon
    They are good enough to compete IMO but are bass heavy (I like the NAD HP20 better for a bassy one at a similar price point).
  8. aertus
    for the ex650 i went by whathifis high regard for them. though maybe they are a bit outdated by now since they were released a few years ago i dont even know what sony's flagship is anymore lol.

    i dont like too much i definitely prefer balanced sound. what you think are like the top earphones in this price range?
  9. chickenmoon
    To me the EX650 sound muddy and underdetailed compared to everything else I've mentioned in this thread and very much so if i may add and whatever WhatHiFi says must always be taken with a grain of salt IMO.

    I think the CH9T is great, with probably one of the most agreeable tonal balance for me but unfortunately I don't like its form factor so it gets less listening time than other ones in the end, frankly at the moment I can't take the EO-IG955 off my ears so that would be my top pick right now but tomorrow I may prefer the B&0 H3 or the Meze 11 Neo for their more relaxed sound signature even though, while still very clear sounding, they might be slightly less detailed than the others I have mentioned.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
  10. zeroing in
    These pioneers are the best iems I have ever heard, other than THE painful ear fit, which hopefully new tips will solve i just havnt ordered any yet.:ksc75smile:
  11. zeroing in
    Once i bought some monster turbine coppers and I paid close to $300 for those and when i listen now they are horrible.
  12. Slater
    I think we've all been there at one point or another lol
  13. aertus
    are those eo akg the ones that come with samsung phones?

    the B&O and meze11 look very nice and now i must add them to my list. the B&O are slightly above my budget though since they are 50 dollars more than what im willing to spend. im guessing the second generation are better sounding.
  14. chickenmoon
    Presumably, the EO-IG955 I bought are the same as those that come with the S8. I buy them from an eBay seller so can't be 100% sure. What is sure however is that they have superb sound quality and at the £6 I get them for, their price to performance ratio is largely above everything else I've got.

    From what I've read there should be no difference in sound between B&O H3 first and second gen but not having tried both I cannot say for sure, mine are those LG gave away a while back (HSS-F800) and I don't know what generation they are anyway. You can find those for quite cheap on eBay sometimes.

    Sorry for drifting a bit of-topic guys.
  15. Toretoshark
    I've read that normal mmx cable does not fit and which tips do you recommend , I normally preffer foam ones and the ones I have does not fit too so this Pioneer have 7mm diameter

    Thank you
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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