Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)
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Are these the new version of the DT1350?

Mine is the original version. The new one is with the faclift model, the outer cup is all black.
Hey muzic,congrats on your 901!
Do you use balance card? Good tip for the beyer..i need to give it a try

Thank Cosmic..i use minibox card (the red one)...i think HM901 will loves beyer....for this particular model dt1350, i can tell you the sound is absolutely amazing ! I tried DT1350 with many setup before, including some of my triple stacks combo, and with HM901 (with flac files 24bit), oh boy...this is the 1st time i feel my DT1350 sounded like a "real" full size performance. Believe it or not, listening Amber Rubarth's Album (24b/96k), they really perform the sound like outside my head !
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@muzic4life, many thanks for the recommendation.... I agree with you that 901 can bring the best out of your earphone collection...
I am extremely conscious about its battery life mainly because I do not want that sweet sound to stop for recharge...
My wallet can agree o the beyer.... 

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Long story behind the cables.

That cable is from Korean company who specialise in custom cables for many models. in which a member was helping ship them abroad many months ago (he is no longer able to help). I think it makes a noticeable difference, especially in detail extension and extra soundstage width, and looks rather sexy. :cool:

I have a pure silver version for sale down there in my signature... .. 
But you told me you took this cable from your silver G-string...always a different story.
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Wow, terribly sorry to hear about your stuff getting stolen, I think you're so lucky they caught them. Some people in this world, mixed up individuals out there, drugs seem to be a big cause of theft in some country's, laying their hands on anything they can sell. But again, glad you got most of it back!

I think im lucky too. Couldn't believe it when the police phoned for us to come and ID recovered property! Happy days.
Back on track:

It was gone, but now its back ( minus silver cable
 )  128gb CF DIYmod > DIY Piccollino charging LOD > TTVJ slim > GR07 / Fa-3e.
Kind of stands out by not being a DX50

Ive had this set up for a while now. Took me a long time saving very hard to get it, and im not looking to upgrade anytime soon. Well, maybe the IEM's....
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  I've been enjoying my portable rigs more often nowadays. This is my preferred rig at the moment.
Sansa Fuze V2 > Rockbox > diy LOD with Blackgate Coupling Caps > RSA Tomahawk > Ety ER6i

looks like we're some of the few that still kick it a little old school.
Fuze>LOD w/ Silmic II caps> Ibasso T3D> CK10

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pulled the trigger on Soundmagic E10.

Figured it was the best i could find for under 40$

and they're giving a really good impression on me. Im happy.

Im not really much the IEM/Earphone kind of person but i really needed something portable for school and possibly fitness.

im really digging the braided-looking cable.

and liking the Double Flange tips.

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