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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. rudi0504

    Very nice set up

    Sony japsn Z 1070 Sq is better than international Z series , is more open and detail.

    Yes I am 100 % agree with you Tralucent T1 amp is very good amp .

    Can drive my fit ear 334 very good

    After I read the Tralucent T1 thread I have place order from Gavin , I need only 5 days until my
    Tralucent T1 arrived yesterday morning to my office.
    Very good customer service from Gavin.
  2. turokrocks
    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. This amp is  IS ONE OF THE MOST ENJOYABLE AND BALANCED AMPS I GOT TO try (with this price range), its all about fun.
  3. PanamaHat
    Sweet setup!
    How does the iriver compare to the ibasso?
  4. rudi0504

    Yesterday 3 of us done the audition ibasso dx 100 vs AK 100

    Direct Ibasso dx 100 sound better than AK 100

    But With set Up below

    Set Up A
    Ibasso dx 100 or ak 100 > Alo Rx 3 B via mini to mini > LCD 2 rev 1 With Black dragon
    Sound Quality AK 100 is Better than Ibasso dx 100
    More detail , Better soundstage and Depth and layering The instrument is Better
    That we can hear The instrument Better In ak 100 than Ibasso dx 100

    Set Up B
    Ibasso dx 100 or ak 100 > dac Ibasso DB 1 via optical cable > LCD 2 rev 1 With Silver 8 braid .

    Sound Quality AK 100 much Better than Ibasso dx100

    Ak 100 has Better detail and clarity and High Quality is very clean ,
    midrange is sweet and more Clear than dx 100
    Bass Quality Ak 100 has Better bass detail and cleanest bass and Speed than dx100
    Soundstage and Depth ak 100 is Better than dx 100

    This is My personal and my friends impression
  5. seekadds
    Testing new camera: Sony F806 - ALO LOD - Leckerton UHA-6s.mkII - ATH-ES10
  6. Achmedisdead
    Two more additions to my fold of Rockbox players......
  7. stozzer123
  8. Destroyer95
    So I made some changes to my portable rig and this is what I've come up with:
    iPhone 5 -> C421 -> triple fi 10
  9. xoundmonster
  10. turokrocks
    Nice color combination!! how do find the sound?
    What is below the hippo?
  11. xoundmonster
    Hello turokrocks. Well its a hippo amp. Called hippo box+ .. I've been struggling to look for the perfect combo for my 535s, however i came to conclude that the basic and simplest elements can do wonders for these babies. The sound is very engaging, sweet mids. With a slight tad of bass, thats because of the amp. very enjoyable sounding with great musicality and very fun to listen to. And very portable too! Its smaller tham the size of my palm :)
  12. turokrocks
    Magic is in the simplicity, believe me when I say this.
  13. Emospence
    Sweet! [​IMG]
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I had that exact same case on my mini, Silver colour ipod yes? Let me see if I can find a picture.


    8GB CF mod. sold for $55 on ebay. :cool:
  15. doublea71
    How is the volume knob on the AK100, Rudi? Does it get in the way when it's in your pocket or is it a nuisance at all considering its placement? I'd love to read a full review of the AK - if you have a link to a thread, please post it.
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