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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. DemonFox

    From what I've read it's probably the strongest portable made today. And the new version Mk3b+ is supposed to be even better with better battery life. Can't wait till mine comes in next week.


  2. DigitalFreak

    I own a -B and it didn't synergize to well with my Q701. Well, it had enough grunt for the Q701 and drove my 600 ohm K240 pretty good but with my Q can the headphone on the -B just sounded off

  3. VisceriousZERO
    The MK3B isnt a very warm or musical amp IMO. But if you need driving power and clarity, there it ism
  4. 24Bit
    I agree. 
  5. emusic13
    Just arrived! [​IMG] New ASG-2 paired with hippo biscuit.
  6. Jason36

    Is there a newer / revised version of the ASG-2?? I have the ASG-2 in the frosted finish but the logo on mine isn't in Black (is this a new addition)?
  7. kenman345
    I don't know for sure why the paint is on the logo, but he has the bass port so maybe that is the reason for it. I know for a fact that no official revisions have been made to the ASG-2 yet. 
  8. miceblue
    Every time someone says "ASG-2" I automatically think of ASGard 2 from Schiit. -.-
  9. Jason36

    My ASG-2 have the tuneable bass port as well but no paint on the logo....in fact her's mine with the AK120


  10. emusic13
    Nope haha. No new revision. .I just special ordered mine like that :)
  11. kenman345
    I see we're not just dealing with an audiophile but a wise man as well....I can dig that combo a lot. How you liking your new set of IEMs?
  12. Wyd4
    Posted some seedy pics further up. Anyway this is my on the move/train set.
    Only change when I get home or work the phone comes off, USB into PC or laptop and the finals get swapped out for lcd2s.
    Don't need the e12 for the finals but I am too lazy to take them apart.
  13. mahnameisjaime1
    so uhhh these are mine... i switch out the headphones depending on what mood im in that day....
    main rig: rockboxed sansa fuze 8gb + 8gb sd card, diy lod, mutant fiio e11
    audio technica ws55
    just got these this week, gonna switch out the jack because i really dont like right angle plugs...
    sennheiser hd-25 adidas
    about a year or 2 years old and still kickin! reterminated with viablue jack... the small one...
    pioneer hdj-500
    this is my second pair, my first snapped at the headband, sent it in for a warranty replacement, and now this one snapped at the pivot section on the right side... i took a soldering iron and just melted everything together... so far so good lol, i dont use these as often anymore though but i still like them haha
    edit: oh and ill put these in too
    ipod nano + tiktok watch band + kokia bluetooth transmitter and tenqa remxd headphones
    the headphones are probably the worst... just nothing to them, i use them when i go the pool or park so if they break its not a big deal
    and before anyone asks, the diy lod is made from the charging cable, i just rewired it according to a guide i found on google.... and also if you noticed my e11 has a rubberband around itself, thats because i was unfortunate enough to drop my rig while riding my bike, the input jack on the e11 broke off and the jack on the fuze broke as well, thats why i made the lod and i also transplanted the jack on the e11 from an old broken e11, but to get to the jacks i dremeled through the plastic above the 2 jacks and so now the top cover doesnt stay on so i had to rubberband it to hold the cover in place haha
  14. emusic13
    Theyre almost exactly what I wanted having a very good midrange but Ive noticed that the ASG are very source dependent...
  15. kenman345
    you are correct my friend. Source in both the hardware and software side. I find the better the DAC/Amp with the better source file usually makes for the best results. They can be quite unforgiving to poor quality input. It's part of the reason I got a set of AS-1's after already owning AS-2's. Now I have  CIEM for most everything I listen to. Though for the most part, I only listen to my own personal CD rips from my collection of discs. 
    I have to admit though, I recently have not been doing any portable listening, mainly because of transitioning to having a job and not being a student anymore. 
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