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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. bmichels
    SP1000 + BA10 down.jpg
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  2. pr0b3r
    Final E3000 + iPod Classic + Vorzüge Vorzamp Duo

    FA37C361-7585-41DD-8AD9-9CAA3BF569EC.jpeg C7896BA7-CFA4-4A70-92D7-BF106A79DDC0.jpeg

    Sony E Walkman from medieval 2007, Pioneer dac through Z5
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  4. thesheik137
    S8P + DTR1 IMG_20190821_085416.jpg
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  5. kdphan
    M11 + Fourte + Han Sound Aurora

  6. denis1976
  7. Podster
    So hopping back and fourth this morning between hybrid and multi BA, both sounding pretty good but totally different:rolling_eyes: Easiest way to break that down is the 12 BA is like listening to a full on orchestra and the Hybi is akin to 5th row at a rock concert:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Of course I also realize everyone's MMV:thumbsup:

    Sweet 16’s.JPG
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  8. capnjack
    These just arrived - I was one of the 20 lucky winners. Earstudio HE100 single dd, straight out of the box, but with RHA wide bore tips I have to say they sound promising already! Thanks again @radsone

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  9. gazzington
  10. Podster
    Love your Avatar TAs, I'm very familiar with it:beerchug:

    RP-8 Skeleton.JPG
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  11. Redcarmoose
  12. boblauer
    Pod Rega Planar 8? Been eyeing the RP6 myself. I have my old Technics all torn apart in the garage right now, SL1401 semi-auto Direct drive original owner. Got a wild hair to restore it when it already was working and now well not working so much.
  13. Podster
    It is Bob, I upgraded my secondary systems turntable (RP1) to the 8 when they went to $1999. I have a good friend who bought the 40th anniversary RP3 and did the Delrin Platter/Groove tracer upgrade which is basically a RP6 with Exact and it sounds awesome. The 8 is leaps above my old 1, of course my main rig has the Well-Tempered Amadeus in it. Both excellent tables but for me the mass loaded is the way to go.
  14. boblauer
    Well Tempered Lab makes some really really nice tables bit out of my financial reach. Love the golf ball suspension as it looks so gimmickey but works so well. Getting an RP8 for 2K is a steal, I would jump on that in a second as that's my max price point if I cannot give life support to my Technics. I hesitate on the secondary market as turntables are moving parts but there are some really nice used tables in my price range, my integrated has a good phono stage so that helps.
  15. gazzington
    Combination of old and new!

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