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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. Redcarmoose
    It’s maybe viewed as progress to add features. They can charge more because of more features. With sound quality being way down on the list of what Apple perceives as value. There is no reason to make a Shuffle in 2018 as they figure it would not sell for much. But again us audiophiles are not the target group, it may have even been an accident that the Shuffle sounded so good?
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  2. hemipowered007
    Unfortunately in the audiophile world, new technology equals being able to charge more and being "better". But we all know that's not always true. My pioneer sx1010 is an incredible amp, and it's from the early 70s. I recall some apple product early on being great, with the Wolfson chips, but, those are gone.

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  3. thamasha69
    73218C4A-3948-4909-9B35-FD109275336E.jpeg 79792F7B-FFF9-4708-8466-736FDDEC6150.jpeg Glad to see the 1st gen shuffles still around. Best sounding Apple device to me. I picked one up a couple years ago for $10 and with some budget headphones makes quite a nice combo for a total investment of $15-$25.
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  4. Podster
    Exactly Bob, modeled after Walmart and the Walton tactics!

    @hemipowered007 , the entire SX series for Pioneer made Sansui, Kenwood, Techniques and all the Asian manufacturers have to step up their game. I could kick my proverbial butt every time I think that I sold my beautiful SX-1050:cry: Ah the glory days:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    CIRCA '79, SX-1050, Teac 4300SX, Thoren's TD-115, Large Advents and JBL L-36's. (Not bad for my first rig at 21):grin: Yes I know, my apartment in Germany had wall paper to die for:rolling_eyes:

    79 System.jpg
  5. Sarcasmo
    Retro afternoon with my 10th anniversary Walkman.
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  6. Rammoshe
    iBasso DX80 --> Linum BaX --> DE AUD-5x
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  7. Podster
    That's a clean looking setup @Rammoshe:wink:

    One for the Nut Haters:hushed:

    T2 Nutz.JPG
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  8. PinkyPowers
    Fine looking gear, people!
  9. MyPants
    IMG_20180830_134326.jpg Today's combo: Cayin N5ii --> XRK NHB Pocket Class A --> Mee Pinnacle P1.
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  10. Podster
    Nice setup, I'm sure it's very musical:) See your still looking for those pants too:hushed: Old fumble fingers here let JDS Labs do my CMOY:rolling_eyes:

    Lab Layout.JPG
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  11. bvng3540
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  12. Podster
    Very nice. more Texas Orange Tia's:metal:
  13. 1TrickPony
    I've been in the hunt for Wolfson dacs for the last year or so; their timbre and richness in mids feels unequaled in comparison to other dacs.
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  14. snapple10
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  15. hemipowered007
    Someone I trust very much in this hobby, has me going towards r2r nos dacs for that reason. We both owned the same balanced Wolfson based audio gd 10se. Specifically I've been wanting an mhdt tube buffered r2r. At some point, I'll get one. And since thus is portable gear thread, I will say, that's why I still like my fiio x3i, has a wolfson chip, it's got a nice tone to it, although v shaped and lacking in resolution, still good for what it is. Works well with my having b3p1
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