Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by noremedy, Jan 5, 2009.
  1. Trihexagonal
    BTW, I saw Robin Trower live when he was doing his For Earth Below tour. He played warm-up for Foghat and blew them away.

    It was one of the best concerts I've seen.
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  2. Coolzo
    Not my entire computer rig, but I took this aesthetic picture the other day and had to share it
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  3. hakka

    I'd like to think I'm finished upgrading for a while.
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  4. stuck limo
    What is the Soma FM thing? Is that a sticker?
  5. Left Channel
    Yes that's a sticker, leaning up against some equipment. They sent it to me for being a supporter.


    SomaFM [ ] is a group of 30 internet radio stations. I've been listening to the most popular one, Groove Salad, since maybe 2001. Lush is similar but with female vocals. Their stations cover a wide range of music, and some of that was discussed in this thread:

    I also listen to higher bit rate stations like those on the Audiophile Stream Network, but for some reason SomaFM still sounds really good after all this time. I'm also a supporter of the local Jazz station, KCSM, which has an amazing vinyl collection, but I wish they'd up their bit rates.

    Maybe if I donated more they'd all upgrade instead of sending me more stickers. :)
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  6. stuck limo
    I've always really enjoyed their PopTron, IndiePopRocks and Underground 80s stations. I see they now have a Funk and Yacht rock stations! AWESOME!
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  7. Letmebefrank
    New desk from Ikea! Its 6" deeper than my old desk so I can finally stretch out my legs!

  8. claud W
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  9. Cougar2465
    Less is more they said.

    My set up as per today.
    Less gear more sound :)

  10. h1f1add1cted
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  11. Protek67
    Latest update to my setup, it's always in progress. Right now I am testing different seating locations. I have a cheap monitor arm on the way for the 27" acer and will need to mod it to accept vesa. From there I feel I can find my final setup. Also compared to my post a few pages ago I actually have some head-fi equipment pictured. edit: neither the tube amp, power amp or speakers are hooked up in the second picture. 20171007_135111.jpg 20171021_114026.jpg
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  12. kid vic
    How big is that LG monitor?
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  13. Protek67
    Damn, I can tell where your priorities are lmao! current and previous images! I'm settling down on the niche enthusiast game and attempting to put money away but trust me when I say that I would seek what you have to no end. That HiFi bug though!!!!
  14. Protek67
    Uhhhh, 32 or 34 inch? it's 2560x1080 not the 1440 version. Either way the vertical size is the same as the 27" Acer which is my main display (though it is 1440p which I run 1080 except for gaming). I come from a custom PC and gaming genre and have just now touched into the hifi genre. I first got a pair of Sennheiser HD465's 10+ years ago and it opened my eyes, got a pair of klipsch floor standing speakers 5-7 years ago and followed that with a denon and fill out to 5.1 I didn't get into headfi until the last few month's due to my blind friend wanting speakers and finally living outside of an apartment, so now I can give that to him (previously he got complaint's on cheap PC speakers being to loud). So now I have decided to learn about stereo HiFi and that lead me straight to can's. I have a schiit stack siting here that I will hook up for him but have wanted to compare it to my setup because HEADFI! lol. But this audiosource amp will probably go to him if I decide to upgrade my own poweramp/speaker combo however I have been trying to cut back on spending so I may just find a compact class-T amp for him hopefully with a remote. At any rate it is a hell of an experience and I am in the phase of learning to experience what I have rather than finding new gear to tittleate my nurbs. Even if that means listening to mp3's or non-hifi streams.
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  15. dantesan
    IMG_2476.JPG IMG_2478.JPG IMG_2066.JPG Built this one about 6 months ago. Just upgraded with fish. Using a Cablemod <tm> UV/RGB combo magnet strip. Monitor is on a floating Ergotron articulating arm that swivels to portrait mode. Used a Phillips refurbished soundbar on the desk. I use headphones for more serious listening. I gave away my powered monitors a few years ago. They take up too much space. :)
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