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Philips SHE3580 IEM review--how can something sound so good for $10???

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  1. jhustinel
    Yes its Egghead Audiohub sir. But I fear that I'm not good at picking and when i arrive there that I can't pick the best budget earphones. I want some suggestions from pro's here in this forum so I have an idea when i arrive at the shop. 
  2. Shawn71

    +10...its the best you can do when you have an golden opportunity like this,auditioning locally and pick the one that suits your budget and taste,imo....warranty claims/returns will be hassle free,thats very important.....

    And if you are still not convinced picking your iem,post your preferred models that you auditioned there with your budget as well,and we'll be happy to help you out......
  3. ZapX629
    Vsonic and Brainwavz are always good brands for bang for buck budget stuff. Xiaomi Pistons are popular too if you can find them. Like Shawn71 said, if you can't decide, pick a few you really like and ask us for advice on them.
  4. jhustinel
    Thanks for the replies. I used to have a bad luck in picking items and I don't want to buy a new IEM without the concern of the pro's. 
    I'm planning to buy Nuforce NE-600X as suggested to me and simply because it meets all my requirements. Will it be worth my money or not? 
  5. Shawn71
    To add, look for brainwavz M5 only,Vsonic VSD3/3S that falls under $45,your budget and all are bang for the buck iems given their price tags....
  6. Shawn71

    Ok sounds good....the build is so good but not sure abt its sound tho......hope you received the green to buy from mark2410! :wink:
  7. jhustinel
    I think i should listen first to brainwavz M5 and Vsonic VSD3/3S as you suggested and compare it with  Nuforce NE-600X in the audiohub. :D Thanks for the help. I appreciated it. 
  8. Tom22
    i agree with the vsd3s and the havi b3 pro
    i have an unboxing of both of em for you to see what comes with them (which is a quite a lot for around 60$)


    here is the sound impressions of the havi

  9. oMalakai
    I would stay away from the M5, a friend have one, died because the shell got apart. And he was careful with them, seems more like a building failure.
  10. Shawn71

    you sure you are not talking about beta?they have the shell coming apart issues and they rectified.....but not M5s....but strain relief are to be carefully handled tho but its ok...never an issue....
  11. Shawn71
    M5 is worth a buy only if its less than $25 or so, not its msrp price.....I wld say getting VSD3/3S is an excellent buy for $45.....
  12. oMalakai
    No, it was an M5. Quite sad.
    But the VSD3s looks like a better choice to me. Haven't tried them of course, but the detachable cable and possitive impressions make them a good choice I guess.
  13. Tom22
    the vsd3s is a great choice and fantastic bang for your buck, and it looks amazing too if you want a similar sound to the she3590. its fullier bodied in the bass (more so than the 3590s), vocals are natural and thick. theres enough sparkle in the lower treble bring excitement
    heres my unboxing for them (subscribe for the full review coming up!) gonna do an impressions video first though

  14. jhustinel

    Thanks for the reply and concern guys. Yes, i like the VSD3\S3 but it seem that we dont have it here in Philippines\local stores. I dont prefer buying online as I want the IEM with store warranty.

    I have a new IEM here and i want you guys to have a little suggestion/ opinion with "TTPOD T1E". Thanks guys. Answers will be much appreciated. Sorry for my bad english.
  15. sithjedi333
    Are there any aftermarket sources for the tips included with the Philips SHE3580/3590?
    I really like them and prefer to buy the tips rather than the whole IEM.
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