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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Tangster
    Located in Liverpool huh? I might go pick some up after lectures tomorrow.
  2. Argyris Contributor
    That does seem to be one of the greatest difficulties with this stuff. I'm not even ready to try freehand yet until I've practiced much, much more. Here's a sample on simple notebook paper I posted in the TMAC thread (and on a new deviantART account I've started to track my progress):
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  3. Scott_Tarlow
    I wonder if u guys have any tips on how to fix an issue im having with my mechanical pencil, ie the lead wont advance if i put the lead in the led tube. If i stick lead in through the tip, it will advance all of the lead on that single piece and then not advance anymore of the lead inside the lead tube. I am sad that my rotring 800 isnt working =(
  4. proton007

    Seems like its a mechanical issue.
  5. Tsujigiri
    Which Cross Century, the old Classic Century or the newer, thicker Century II? If it's the new one, they use a proprietary screw-in converter, so you'd have to use the one that Cross makes. As for ink, Diamine as mentioned before is a good choice, or Noodler's if you're on a really tight budget. It depends on what colors you're looking for and how fast you want your ink, too. For black, my go-to ink is Aurora black. For blue, Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue.
  6. IcedTea
    Do Iroshizuku inks count? [​IMG]
  7. Silent One
  8. Ra97oR
    If you want to justify the cost, the pretty bottle is enough already!
  9. attika89
    I think Akkerman could count as well than [​IMG]
  10. Silent One
    Ah, but the concept of aesthetics in Japan is seen as an integral part of daily life. Both the Iroshizuku inks and the bottles they're in is something to behold. [​IMG]
  11. Silent One
    Some ink bottles remind me of Perfume bottles...
  12. attika89

    Agreed. Japanese material culture is something unique.
    I'm yet to try the Iroshizuku inks though.
  13. proton007
    Ok, my search for a good affordable everyday use pen and writing paper continues.
    For paper, I went looking for rhodia/clairefontaine, but ended up with the Maruman Mnemosyne (B5, Spiral Bound, 80 sheets). I also found the Maruman Giuris, but I'm guessing its thicker because its pretty expensive (~$12 for B5, 100 sheets, folder extra.).
    The paper is really smooth, thick enough, and there's no ink bleeding on the other side. I'd say worth the $8.
    As for pens, I got the Parker IM (Gold + Black) for $25.
    Really like the classic look, and its pretty hefty to hold.
    Also got the Pilot Prera (Ivory), and Pilot Metropolitan (Black dots). I'm really puzzled as to why the Prera is ~$50, while the Metropolitan is ~$20.
    The Prera comes with a cartridge, I'll have to get the convertor separately.
  14. attika89
    Great choices! I really like the Mnemosyne Paper!
    How is the Metropolitan in comparison to the Prera?
  15. Silent One
    Congrats on your effort, proton007! 
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