Pathos Aurium anyone?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by customcoco, Mar 25, 2013.
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  1. doraymon
    Signing in, my black Aurium is due in a week or so...
  2. MozartMan1201
    Mine is silver and spiked ;^)

    DSC03013.JPG DSC03012.JPG
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  3. ivan1973
    Good evening, I am a holder of Pathos Aurium, and it has been a while ago that I have the idea of replacing stock valves with something better, I would be oriented to the most expensive Telefunken and 88cc I think I understand they are very fast and dynamic, according to you is worth it? Some time behind I was reluctant to change the valves on this amp, saying that I had tried many valves is that I have never heard any difference, if so I wonder at the time as possible.
    Did anyone have any experience on it?
    Thanks a lot and good evening.
  4. MozartMan1201
    Haven't experimented with tube swapping but I can say the spikes don't make any difference in sound quality, although they look very cool :L3000:
  5. ivan1973
    Thank you for the information . but I still like Aurium, maybe a little relaxed, but with the hd800 I love it, with the Denon 7200 instead I want a bit more speed
  6. RickY B
    Swapping tubes into the Hybrid design of the Pathos isn't worth your time. It's hard or impossible to hear a difference in this particular amp. I tried many including the Amperex but didn't think it was worth it. The amp is very good but since sold mine for an end game amp. Violectric V281. No comparrison and it's solid state. I listen with the Hifiman HE1000V2. Fantastic amp. Go to innerfidelity and read up on it. Just my humble opinion
  7. doraymon
    The V281 costs almost double the Aurium, not a fair comparison.
    Not sure why you say "and it's a solid state"? Solid state is not necessarily better, isn't it?
    I read the innerfidelity review and others as I have considered it and the V280 a long time but eventually pulled the trigger on the Aurium because of price, wall of fame since years now (it must have something really good) and because from what I read and other listeners comments the V280/281 risks to sound a tad too bright with my Ether C Flows.
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  8. MozartMan1201
    Found this V281 on ebay....
    Same exact look but different brand, only $999
    Excellent seller ratings too... hmm?
  9. doraymon
    No please, that screems fake Chinese stuff from miles away....
  10. MozartMan1201
    ikr...totally fake but amazing how it looks exactly the same except the logo.

    I'm actually quite happy with my Aurium-Oppo setup for the next 10 years. Out of curiosity I did an A-B with the much-hyped Chord Mojo the other day and the Aurium sounded noticeably more open and lifelike. The Mojo went back to the store the next day.
    I go to the L.A. Philharmonic several times a month and I feel my current home setup is the closest to 'being there'.
  11. gannjunior
    Hi mate, i read you got this
    (189 usd is for one tube or for the couple ? and what are gold/platinum grade and cryo treatment?)
    does it worth a try? since someone says the tubes replacement, generally speaking, it does not improve enough the quality in the Pathos Aurium.
    What i'm looking for is more energy in the middle and trebles...could telefunken help in this?

  12. RickY B
    Guys, here's my last comment. Don't waste your money on tube rolling with this hybrid design. You spend alot of money and then spend a lot of time trying to convince yourself that you actually heard a difference, If it were a full tube design then Yes, but not with this design. If you want to hear a bigger difference shed that poor SMPS and buy a Linear Power Supply (LPS), to me that made a big difference. Like i said before, the Aurium is a great little amp but i and two friends all sold ours for the end game amp. The Violectric V281. No comparison. There are at least 5 legitimate reviews out there saying its an end game amp.

    IMG_3851.jpg IMG_9247.JPG
  13. Leotis
    Telefunkin 6922 is awesome. Will definitely make a major difference. Price is per tube. Expensive for a reason. Get platinum, cryo not important IMO.
    Don't know about mid/treble "energy", but most delicious midrange ever. A better power supply would be a good thing no doubt. But it's wacky to think tube choice makes no difference in a hybrid design.
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  14. doraymon
    I opened a listening impressions thread HERE.
    Please join!
  15. RickY B
    Telefunkin 6922 is awesome. Will definitely make a major difference.
    But it's wacky to think tube choice makes no difference in a hybrid design. WACKY!! haha

    I really don't think this is true at least with my ears. Can you blindly tell the difference. My guess is you wouldn't guess correctly 3 out of 3 times. As far as tubes. I have always owned tube equipment but SS has come along way. Take Pass amp and Parasound for example. Yes, years ago tubes were superior but not today. The Violectric is superior and not at all bright. I was hesitant buying it because it was SS but it's the best move i've made in a long time. My speaker amp is a VTL S-400 with 16 tubes. It weight 220LBS so i do like tubes. The Aurium is great but the V281 isd superior. I have two friends that did the same as i by selling the Aurium for the Violectric V281. End of story. I'm just sharing my experience. No body will win this argument. Just stating my experience. i liked the Aurium but i love the V281. Bright, not even a little bit at least with me Hifiman HE1000V2s. Take care. signing out of this conversation.
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