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    maudio ftu usb t1 hpa v200 dac v800
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    mbp hd700 hd800 hpa v200 dac v800
  4. neopac

    need help - small, high power ss amp - Violectric vs. LakePeople for MrSpeakers AlphaDogs

    Need help in AMP pairing - looking for a fitting amp to pair with Mr. Speakers AlphaDogs (AD) I´m kind of happy with my Matrix-M-Stage, but after all this years and some complex musical situations, where i think he could/should do better with the AD, i'm searching for a new Desktop Amp to...
  5. TwoEars

    FS: Violectric V200 Amp

    #### SOLD!! ####         For Sale! My trusted Violectric V200 Amp!   A real classic! You'll struggle to find a better SS amp under Euro 1000. The sound is clear, yet a...
  6. tuliphd650

    Amps for both HD650 and T1

    Hi,   I am really a new one in this forum. It is my first post here .    I am finding an amp for my HD650. I know that normally most people will chose an amp for HD650 not more than $600. (just for normal case). Firstly I have the same opinion. But after I tried T1 once, I thought I will buy...
  7. customcoco

    Pathos Aurium anyone?
  8. TooPoor

    Best ~$1k amp for HE-500

     I asked in the HE-500 thread and got some some good responses, but not everyone who owns, or has owned, a HE-500 still reads that thread. I figured I'd ask here. I'll lay down some criteria and make it easy!   1. I've owned a Lyr. Liked it, not interested in another one. But what about that...
  9. Martijn W

    Will the Violectric V200 become obsolete for Sennheiser HD800 when using Benchmark DAC2 HGC?

    Hello,   Currently I use an E-MU 0404 USB DAC with a Violectric V200 setup in combination with my HD800 headphone.   My current E-MU 0404 USB has only 1 balanced stereo output and I want to purchase another DAC (with multiple outputs) so I can power both my monitors and my Headphone without...
  10. dead99

    Violectric V100 vs V200 for Sennheiser HD 650

    I'm thinking about buying a violectric for my hd 650 but what is exactly the difference between the 2? and is it worth the 200 euro ($275) difference?
  11. musicmaddy

    THE BEST HEADPHONES for sound quality for $700 or less

    hi, this is my first post.   i have read countless posts comments, review and videos on what headphones to buy. and so far they have a got me confused some say buy them some say dont. so i thought i would post my own to make sure the head phones are good in the areas i like.   first i...
  12. sirocco

    Looking to "upgrade" to a Phonitor Amp from a HPAV200. Some questions!

    Hello all! My current set is   Output UA Apollo -> DAC V800 -> HPA V200 -> HD800   Now, I heard a lot of great remarks about the Phonitor, and how it is an amazing crossfeed / room space emulation.  I dig this and wanted to incorporate it into my setup to help prevent ear fatigue when...
  13. Simo123

    Computer Sound System Optimization with Sennheiser HD 700

    Hello Guys,   I am in need of some guidance from all of you experts. I recently indulged in an impulse purchase of the HD 700's on for $649 over Christmas. I currently have a set of Beats by Dre Studio editions that ive had for years now. I was unaware of the requirement of high end headphones...
  14. artazzzzzz

    Violectric v181 vs v200 for Audeze LCD-2 rev.2

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on getting a pair of LCD-2 rev.2 with a balanced cable with a 4 pin XLR plug. Now I am slightly confused about what a balanced setup looks like. For a DAC I would have the Asus Xonar Essence STX's DAC. I don't have enough money for a proper dedicated DAC at the...
  15. Suopermanni

    Violectric V200 vs. Meier Audio Corda Classic - Which one?

    Hello Head-Fi!   These two amp have gotten my attention and are currently on my wishlist. However, I can only buy ONE. I know the V200 is pricier than the Corda Classic but assuming that is not an issue, which one would suit more headphones?   Headphones I want to pair with the amps:  ...
  16. sirocco

    Violectric V200 Headphone Amp

    Around 6 month old Violectric V200 for sale. Purchased straight for Lake People/Violectric. Perfect working order and no cosmetic defects I can spot (anything on the pictures is just dust). Have upgraded (sidegraded?) to a SPL Phonitor to be ran out of my DAC V800 into my HD800s. Am in Tampa...
  17. GoldfishX

    Schiit Magni...Upgrade but with same signature sound suggestions?

    I purchased a Schiit Magni a few months ago for use in my office set-up. I am using it to exclusively drive a pair of Mad Dogs (and in the future, I will probably alternate between Mad Dogs and Alpha Dogs). My source is a DX50 and DAC is a Peachtree DacIt, both of which I am happy with for both...
  18. amoeba1126

    Please help me figure out which SS amp to get!

    I have narrowed my choices to the following and would like you guys feedback and input to further narrow down my choices.   - Yulong A18 - Vioelectric V200 - Burson Soloist SL   I currently have a pair of Audeze LCD-2's, JDS Labs ODAC, and Schiit Lyr. I love my Lyr but I really would...
  19. Zombie_X

    The Official Violectric V200 Owner's Club / Appreciation / Discussion Thread

    Hi all,   I noticed that there wasn't a appreciation thread for the V200, or any Violectric amp for that natter, so I decided to start one up. There were quite a few review threads but not one main appreciation thread. Hope you guys don't mind, I don't    I have been listening to this...
  20. breizh

    TEAC HA-501 headphone amp

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a nice headphone amp under 1k$ I have identified the Soloist SL, the Violectric 200, and the recent TEAC HA-501 for which i don't find yet many reviews   That's why I'm looking for Headfiers feedback about this amp, which presents (on the paper) nice...
  21. emertxe

    Violectric V200 vs Meier Corda Classic vs Burson Soloist for HD800

    Could anybody help me to find the best amp for HD800 for me? I am looking for a neutralish to warmer-sounding amplifier with quality soundstage and detail... Not inauthentic sounding but reference enough for testing difference headphones as well.   A bit worried about soundstaging and imaging...
  22. emertxe

    WTB: Violectric V200 (EU preferable)

    Please PM me if interested or have any questions... Thank you  
  23. smial1966

    VIOLECTRIC HPA V200 - Mint condition with 24/96 USB module.

    VIOLECTRIC HPA V200 by Lake People   Outstanding solid state amplifier that drives most dynamic headphones with aplomb. Head-Fi is awash with posts about this superb sounding amplifier, especially it's synergy with the Sennheiser HD range.    Product webpage...
  24. TooPoor

    Violectric V200

     As with the rest of my gear, I'm putting my V200 up for sale. Had a few amps and kept this one, as it sounded the best with all my headphones. Bought directly from Violectric. Will come in the same box Violectric shipped it in.   Condition : 9 out of 10. Thing is built like a tank.    I...
  25. tropicana

    Vioelectric V200

    115/240V unit.  Does NOT come with DAC. Excellent condition.   Shipping from Singapore Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.   Reason for selling: too dark for my taste.   Possible trade with Mjolnir, Soloist or Meier Classic. PM to discuss.