Pathos Aurium anyone?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by customcoco, Mar 25, 2013.
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  1. Vigrith
    Wonder if your device will be having the "ringing" issue - I know of a couple people who have recently bought a Pathos from our local dealer (in Portugal) and they say the newer units do not suffer from that issue at all any more, they don't have a demo unit at the store however (they only get stock on order) and I'd like to be sure there's no ringing before I purchase mine seeing as a lot of my headphones are fairly sensitive and low impedance. I'm extremely sensitive to noise and tinnitus-type stuff so it'd be a deal breaker for me unfortunately.
    Please do let us know if yours is flawless, I'm hoping (almost expecting) it will be, for your sake as well as my own. This is a beautiful amplifier and I'm sure it sounds wonderful.
    Regarding tubes, Upscale is super reliable and accountable, I rather spend more per tube there than go on ebay as a total newcomer to valves and end up spending 10 times as much because I have no idea what I'm buying and what condition it's in, etc. Wondering if my iFi NOS would perform well with the Aurium, I'm assuming they'd work as they are 6922s.
  2. headfirocks
    I just got the Pathos today, loving it so far, no ringing yet although I have LCD-3s. Ringing would be game over for me too. Should I hear it with the volume all the way down or with the volume up during quiet passages?
  3. thewatcher101
    For me the volume didn't matter, LCD 3 should not ring, as with my LCD 2, but my LCD XC does have a tiny ring with no audio playing..
  4. Vigrith
    Congrats! I hope you have a ton of fun with it - from what I gather as per previous posts commenting on the issue, the ringing should be quite apparent during quiet passages with the volume up. I guess the easiest way to check is to just have nothing playing and then fiddle with the volume/gain switches to see if at any point you hear noise coming in through your headphones.
    Of course most tube devices will have a little bit of a hiss/ringing toward the end of the volume pot which is irrelevant because if you have the volume up that loud with music playing you'll have bigger problems than the noise, like getting your eardrums blown out, but it's still a fairly reliable way to check if there's any ringing within normal listening levels (so like until 1-2 o'clock max for most people).
    Edit: seems it's apparent regardless of volume for some but I figure the "nothing playing" test might still be relevant just to be sure. Maybe it'll be harder for you to perform since the LCD-3 shouldn't be sensitive enough to ring.
  5. MozartMan1201
    In the end I sold my 'ringing' Aurium and got a new unit in silver.  No more ringing!!  It sounds so beautifully warm and really smooths out the ESS Sabre DAC from the Oppo 105.  Love it!!
  6. brams
    I've had mine (black with custom red knobs) for a few years now and never experienced any ringing with any headphone pairing ... and I've tried a few. Usually run it with mullards, but sometimes roll in Amperex for a more ss sound.

    I never did hear much of a difference with a linear power supply I had custom made, but may give it another shot with the supply mentioned in a previous post.

    Funny thing is I had mine up for sale for a few days on an audio reselling website in Canada for $900 cdn (about $675 usd at current exchange rates) and got so many tire kickers and time wasting low ballers that I pulled it from the market earlier today. Tried it again a few minutes ago with my Utopia and am even more convinced that as long as the pairing works you are really looking at serously more expensive units to considerably better the performance.

    I had originally put it up for sale because I wanted to go balanced with my Utopia using a combined dac/amp unit and save some shelf space in the process. However, I am now seriously considering keeping this as an alternate.

    BTW Pathos has just released what appears to be a higher end headphone amp and I'm dying to hear impressions of that unit.
  7. MozartMan1201
    The new Pathos "Inpolear" headphone amp looks like the Aurium in a new bespoke suit.  It has the same 2 vacuum tubes on top but added an optional DAC layer below.  No price yet but I'm guessing ~$2k
  8. EDN80
    ^ That new Pathos looks stunning!
    You won't regret getting the Oppo HA-1. I initially wanted the Pathos Aurium (beautiful design & great reviews and seemed to match well with the K812), but there's no denying the overall appeal of the Oppo and its versatility.
    That said, I did have to add the Phonitor 2 to the mix. That was a night and day difference -- in EVERY ASPECT (soundstage, bass extension, mids, highs -- overall sound presence and presentation).
    While the Oppo greatly enhances overall K812 listening experience (most notably headroom, soundstage), I see from your siggy that you already have the Oppo 105D (USB DAC).
    You may be best served by a Phonitor or Vioelectric v281... they will give more body, clarity, detail and bass to the sound.
    EDIT: Never mind. Just saw you got a new Pathos! Congrats!
  9. brams

    I'm hoping they use the opportunity to take the Aurium to the next level. It does look a bit "large" though ...

    A good dac to use with the Aurium is the Hegel h12. It also has a headphone jack to give you that solid state option, but I've never tried it.
  10. r0dd3r5
    The UK distributor is listing the Pathos InPolEar Headphone Amplifier at £3449 with the optional dac at £450. It does look stunning and hopefully sounds as good as it looks!
  11. Malamadre
    If anyone is selling Pathos Aurium amp, without the ringing issue, please PM me. Preferably black, with red knobs if possible and in EU. Thanks!
  12. Alu Contributor
    I got this amp last week and I'm a big fan.
    I've been using it with my Focal Utopia, and it made me not want to upgrade for a long time.

    Now the amp stopped working, there's no sound coming out of it and sometimes it makes clicky noises.
    I already got in touch with Pathos, but I was wondering whether anyone else had any similar issues.

    Perhaps something relating to the power supply?
    EDIT: I just wanted to let people know that the Pathos customer support is one of the best I've ever seen.
    As it turns out I had to send the unit back, but instead of having to wait for repair, the UK distributor for Pathos is willing to ship me a brand new replacement unit as soon as they become available again next week.
    Not only does the Aurium sound great, but Pathos offer the necessary support in case something goes wrong.
    I can really recommend this company.
  13. pentagram15
    Hi Everyone,

    As I am writing as a Pathos victim here. I used Aurium for couple of years with their Converto and my Aurium only had an issue while changing the volume of the level around 60%. After they announced the new DAC and Inpol Remix II and Inpol Ear, I decided to replace my units to Inpol Remix MK2 on September of 2016. I also bought a complete new set of cable and speaker system in addition to my headphones to just move my pleasure to next level. When the amp arrived both in headphone and speakers, it was great. Specially there was a significant improvement on the headphone stage when I compare to Aurium but everything started after that couple of months.

    Some digital inputs of the unit became useless without a reason and after some weeks, the unit started to freeze on boot stage. I reported it to Pathos and they were very helpful at the beginning, they got my unit back and in 4 months period, they delivered the fixed unit to me. Actually, I was a bit disappointed with the service time but I didn't complain too much as they convinced me they were doing tests to be sure everything is solved properly.

    Unfortunately, my unit suffered from same problem after 1 month of usage and they said me I am not the only one in this situation and all the units like Inpol Ear, Inpol Remix MK2, Inpol Heritage etc. have the same problem as it is related with the same unit piece related with the digital inputs and unfortunately the devices are becoming useless after couple of months. I am still waiting their reply to me with a new solution. I have almost 100 email back and forts with their customer support and they couldn't solve the issue in last 6 month.

    All in all, in one year of period, I could only use my system for 2 months in total, all my new setup sleep in the corner of my house with full of dust. I couldn't get any change, money back or a compensate product offer from them at all. I will say, stay away from all Pathos products if you don't want to see a nightmare with a big money investment. There are lots of stable and good products with proper customer support. As I already waited for 12 months and don't expect them to solve my problem, I am writing here very frankly.

    If anyone needs the proof of the problem, I have all the mails with the dates and replies in my inbox. I will keep you posted if they deliver something that is acceptable after 1 year but as I said I don't have any hope and their support is not helpful at all.
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  14. hannibal
    This is quite an old thread now, but I just wanted to pop in again and say that my unit is doing fine, and I love it with my newly-acquired Elears. Will probably sell my Senn HD650's. Still running the NOS Mats-u-Shee-Tah 7Dj8's from Upscale but I may try the telefunkens as someone here suggested.

    BTW I have dealt with Upscale quite a bit. No, they are certainly not the cheapest, but they are honest and very reliable and their matching has been great for me. No disappointments.
  15. MozartMan1201
    Last week I was toying with the idea of downsizing my desktop gear to portable so I did an extended A-B with the much-discussed/raved Chord Mojo. I guess on its own the Mojo is quite good given its size and specs; however, next to my Oppo-Aurium setup it pales by comparison -- the overall sound seems harsher, edgier and the soundstage shallower. I then compared it to my LG V20 smartphone's quad-dac headphone jack and found the sound there to be smoother and more pleasant than the Mojo. Not at all what I had expected, but it is what it is. I am keeping my desktop gear and sending the Mojo back. As always the music genre matters and mine is classical/opera.
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