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Over-ear open headphones under $100?

  1. kingluke2222
    My old skull candy headphones broke a little while ago and since then I've been looking for a new set of headphones. Open would be preferred (but not required.) I'm going to be listening to a lot of jazz/classical music with them, as well as playing video games(not competitively.) I really want them to be crisp and clear sounding, maybe leaning towards the bright side but still with some bass. I won't be traveling with them or have an amp/dac to use.

    I'm not in a position to go out and listen to headphones so I'm not sure what would be best. Two headphones I was looking at were the Philips SHP9500(on sale at Newegg) and the AKG K240. I've heard the latter needs an amp to sound good though. Any thoughts?
  2. serman005
    I do like the SHP9500 for you. One other you might check out is the HD558. Maybe read about those and see what you think. It is possible one could work for you. I should say that the 558 is not especially bright but it is quite good. Haven't heard the AKG, sorry. Wasn't aware that it was especially bright, though.
  3. kingluke2222
    Oh, I forgot to add that I actually purchased the HD558s but ended up returning them because I thought they sounded really muffled. I saw that you can take out the foam inside them, but I was afraid if it didn't make a big enough difference I wouldn't be able to return them.
  4. kingluke2222
    I think I might go for the SHP9500, I'm just concerned that the bass is going to be really lacking. Sony's MDRV6s also look interesting, but I heard even for a closed back they have very little soundstage.

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