1. S

    [SOLD] Like New AEON 2 Open + CC - $699 shipped CONUS

    Hello all, very similar to my other Focal Clear for sale post. I am selling everything to upgrade to my final headphone, which I just chose as the Rosson Audio RAD-0. All original cables, accessories, and packaging included. Plus a custom cable (Male 4-pin XLR) by Hart Audio Cables (the one...
  2. CafeRocker

    **SOLD** Monoprice M1060 - Great Condition

    Just picked up a pair of Sundaras, so I'm selling my Monoprice M1060. They are great condition. I picked them up open-box a few months ago. Come with all the original packaging / case / cord. I'll take $180, paypal and shipping included in the continental US. I may consider trades, doesn't...
  3. EdenElectronics

    Massdrop Hifiman HE-35X and Takstar Pro 82

    Up for sale are two "bang for your buck" sets of headphones. Quite possibly the best quality for the price of any open n closed headphones. Both were purchased based solely upon reviews and for the purpose of sampling them for myself. Both sets have less than 4 hrs of use between them. Takstar...
  4. zazex

    Temporarily Unavailable - 11-12-19 > ATH-R70x Pro Open Back Headphones - Super Clean!

    Highly regarded Audio Technica ATH R70x Professional open back headphones. Open back design. Current model. Super clean and in great shape. They operate flawlessly. Ships with the original AT cable, 3 meters in length. Bought new about 8 months ago from an authorized...
  5. VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE (Venture Electronics) Zen 2 Dice Edition

    VE ZEN II. This is the Dice edition. The Dice is the name given to the cable, which is a triple twisted copper cable. The earbuds are sensitive enough to need no amping and sophisticated enough to perform better with a DAP, DacAmp or Dragonfly/HE Odyssey type ultra portable dac dongle
  6. ToddRaymond

    Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede II IEMs - SOLD

    For sale is a pair of the excellent sounding Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede II IEMs, in the single-ended configuration. I have since purchased the 'Keyaki Plus Balance' and 'Kaede III' models, and am having a pair of speakers built, so I could use some cash. I take excellent care of my stuff, and am...
  7. LeMat

    SOLD: Focal Elear

    After my DAC and my amp, now is the time to let go my Focal Elear. Nothing wrong with these, they've been my final choice after a few rotation of headphones (HD800S, Beyer T1, LCD2 & LCD2F, K701...) but my new life as a dad doesn't leave much time to enjoy real listening sessions with...
  8. D

    best headphones at around 150$ for music(classic rock, jazz, hip hop and alot more), watching media and gaming

    new to the headphones game and want to get myself a good first one. I plan to use this headphones for all stuff around the house and outside if they let me(open vs closed back) I listen to alot of genres but most focus on classic rock, rock in general. mainly gravitate to real instruments songs...
  9. Tweeters

    Sivga SV007 (SOLD)

    SOLD for $65
  10. Mkoll

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD600 (HD 600)

    I am the original owner, bought in 2015 from Amazon. Selling because I bought other higher-end open headphones and no longer need these. The earpads are a bit worn (but still supremely comfy) and there are some small nicks in the black metal part of the headband where the silver color underneath...
  11. Snitte77

    Verum 1 - Carbon / Kickstarter / Handmade / open / Planar

    Selling my freshly recieved Verum 1 - huge, handmade by one (!) guy in the Ukraine - open back planars. I paid 349$ on Kickstarter: Selling since I already have a big planar now.
  12. Josz27

    Sennheiser HD 598 Ivory (Excellent condition)

    Selling Sennheiser HD 598 Ivory version that is very rare to get these days. Excellent condition, no scratches. Personally one of my Favorite looking headphones. This one has the normal sound with "Warm signature" there were HD598 variations with less bass and more bright with Less soundstage...
  13. AnnoyingNewGuy

    Portable Amp For AEON Flow Open

    So, I jost got the AEON flow open and are running it on my Schiit Jot. But that's at my desktop. What do people recommend to use portable with the AEON. XLR connection is a plus. I'm looking for something under 300. Used works as well. If I'm in the wrong thread I apologize, I can move
  14. pr0ggy


    EDIT: Through Friday, I'm listing these at a hefty discount from my original ask. Could use the funds to put toward a time-sensitive purchase. Grab these quickly! Sad to let these go as they sound phenomenal straight out of the box. My head is slightly narrower than average and that causes a...
  15. pr0ggy

    [SOLD] FS: LNIB Sennheiser HD800S (Low Hours)

    Very hesitant to let these go...Only selling because I feel like my musical taste simply isn't doing them justice. These are phenomenal for ambient tracks, but I don't listen to that genre often enough to justify holding onto them. Original owner, roughly 7 months left on 2-year warranty...
  16. CafeRocker

    KZ AS10 sound in Open Back

    So, this may be kind of a weird thread, and I couldn't decide whether to post it here or in the full size thread. I thought I'd try here, since more people would be familiar with the sound of the KZ AS10. I recently purchased the AS10, and really like the sound signature. I feel like it is...
  17. headphonesonly

    Open headphones for metal $300 or under

    Ive got the shp9500 and am looking for an upgrade. I listen to Slayer, System of a Down, and other bands alike. I have the jds atom amp. I would also be using them for gaming.
  18. headphonesonly

    Open headphones for metal $300 or under

    Ive got the shp9500 and am looking for an upgrade. I listen to Slayer, System of a Down, and other bands alike. I have the jds atom amp. I would also be using them for gaming.
  19. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Audeze EL 8 Open SOLD

    For Sale a very lightly used pair of Audze EL-8 opens in pristine condition with box and all of the contents. EL8 s have almost all of the Audeze bass that the LCD series does but with a lot less weight and bulk on your head. A fun listen! Price includes fees and shipping. Will go out...
  20. Tweeters

    Sivga SV007 [SOLD]

    Selling these in excellent condition with box, let me know if you have any questions! $65 price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Here are pics. SOLD
  21. PACSman

    Fostex TH-909 review

    I just purchased and received the TH-909. This is not intended as a critical or extensive review. I think of it as a preview of an item you might want to consider listening to. No incentives were received for my purchase or for writing this opinion. Early impressions: · I plugged the...
  22. imrazor

    Open vs closed headphones

    I recently acquired a 'open back' PC gaming headset, the Sennheiser PC363D. While the microphone is top notch, I'm not entirely satisfied with the drivers. They are supposed to be the same drivers as the HD 558/598 and to provide a similarly wide soundstage. But they don't sound open and airy...
  23. D

    Akg k240 or any for my music

    Hi guys, im new here and im need advice about open headphones.(sry for my english). Im listning difference music, a lot of rock, little bit metal, electronic and hip hop. I love to feel wide soundstage, details, little bassy, clear sound. Dont like sibilants. What will u recomended? I cant hear...
  24. Gnomeplay

    FS: Focal Clear

    I am the second owner of this pair of Focal Clear, and have had them for a few months. I've been sure to take excellent care of them, and would put their condition at near perfect. There are zero notable scratches or scuffs, and they will be shipped with all original items and accessories...
  25. Tostitostelli

    [SOLD]Aeon Flow Open

    For sale from the Netherlands, ships worldwide: Shipping method to be determined by buyer. Accepting offers. Aeon Flow Open headphones, in great condition. No visible scratches. Im selling these great cans because I have too many headphones, and I'm selling most of them to save up for...