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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. darinf
    Hi @audiohobbit ,
    Sorry about not responding sooner. Somehow I missed the notification of your post.
    But in theory, that device would work. The trick would be that you would have to use "DAW" software (Digital Audio Workstation), to route the incoming audio signals to the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio device. Since that interface is designed for use with DAW software, you would setup each of the input channels to output to the appropriate channels and setup the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio device as the output device in the DAW. The DAW will see the Out Of Your Head Virtual audio device as an 8 channel audio card. Then you would just "monitor" the 8 input channels in real-time so the inputs would be fed to the outputs in real-time.

    I am not sure what the latency would be though for watching movies or gaming.
  2. darinf
    Hi @whazzup,
    We have had some reviews in various magazines/blogs, etc.
    Last year we had a review in the Absolute Sound.
    I was on the Home Theater Geeks show.
    There are some other reviews in various blogs sites too. You can search around for them.

    But for reviews, the issue isn't so much giving reviewers copies of the software, obviously that's easy to do. The main issue is getting the reviewers to actually review it. Most reviewers have more gear or offers for review units than they have time to review. So they have to be picky about what gets reviewed. It's a very complex issue especially when you factor in advertisers etc.

    I have given away a lot of copies of Out Of Your Head, but getting the reviews is the hard part.
  3. Zenvota
    I try to inform some other forums(avs, ca/al, reddit) but alot of people are under the impression that headphone surround is gimmickery and I get ignored ;[

    It's shame because truly this is the only affordable measured room impulse response binaural convolution available.

    I try to tell people to eq 2-6khz down(if they're headphones follow the harman curve) due to the double hrtf because that seems to be the only complaint I've ever seen about ooyh or hrtf convolution in general is that it can sound a little thin/bright etc.

    Thank you Darin for providing this program it's been intensely enjoyable and the sound is second to one(heh).
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  4. whazzup
    Well PCWorld's Gordon Ung seems to be pushing the SXFi agenda quite a fair bit, maybe he'll be interested in reviewing competing products that attained audio holography nirvana, like Out of Your Head. In an ideal world where unbiased reviews do not have to mix with business concerns at least. :ksc75smile:
    There're also quite a number of youtube reviewers nowadays: Z reviews, Clavinetjunkie, Rtings, JimsReviewRoom etc. You should totally try talking to them!
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  5. whazzup
    Maybe this has already been mentioned in the 70+ pages, but just want to share that Zenvota, over at the SXFi thread, provided a workaround solution for the pop and static issues OOYH has. So for people who use USB DACs, the trick is to first configure the OOYH speakers as default through the Windows sound control panel manually, rather than let the OOYH software do it automatically when it's opened. Amazing!


    Hi Darin, if it's not too much trouble do consider adding this to the OOYH faq or troubleshooting section.
    Vader2k and Zenvota like this.
  6. darinf
    Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Of all the things I have tried, that's one that never occurred to me to try. I will test it out and then add it to the notes that are listed with the Out Of Your Head download link email and put it elsewhere on the website.
    I will try to get that added in the next week or so.
    Vader2k likes this.
  7. Zenvota
    Actually reading that it isnt quite right but that is worth a try too.

    I was saying when getting pops to set ooyh as default in the window sound panel, cycle through the speaker layout, then set the usb dac to default that gets it for me 75% of the time. if that doesnt work restarting the program once more syncs it 99% of the time.
    Vader2k likes this.
  8. whazzup
    Right, I did it differently. Not sure if it applies to integrated sound as well, but mine's a bit wonky so can't really test.

    And after some testing, I guess I spoke too soon. Did get one instance of static, will have to test further when I'm free.

    There's at least 1 case I'm getting with relative consistency (still changing OOYH as default manually):
    If I close the app with the mode set to Bypass, the next time I reopen it, there won't be any sound and there'll be a 'loading effects' error. Switching between the speakers presets within OOYH will then allow OOYH to work properly.
  9. Zenvota
    Cycling through the speaker layout or changing the bit/sample rate does some kind of reset with windows I think that's whats working.
  10. johnn29
    Saw your post in the SXFI thread - just tried this. I've got a pair of DT990's EQ'd in Equaliser APO with HeSuVi as the GUI to the harmen curve using oratory1990's presets. I then cut down the 2-6khz shift in Winamp. Holy cow - music sounds good now with the Marten Coltraine Supreme 2's . This really should be an option in the actual OOYH Control Panel. Like a customisation tab.
    Zenvota likes this.
  11. Zenvota
    O cool glad it worked for you. Music sounds really amazing through OOYH, I only wish I listened to genres that worked well with the more reverberant presets like the Cellos, Novas, etc. I'm pretty confined to the Genelecs. But watched the original Robocop the other day on the Cellos and it sounded really spectacular. something about older movies mixed in less treated rooms maybe, they play really well with those presets.
  12. johnn29
    Also - the center channel for movies now sounds good. Before the cut it was terrible sounding. I'm using Peace GUI to chain the Harmen curve I have in HeSuVi and then apply a graphic EQ to that via Peace. Is that the best way of doing it?
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  13. Zenvota
    Maybe? I do it all... manually? lol
  14. phoenixdogfan
    Congrats, Derek. That looks like a really good review by one of the biggest, if not the biggest, name in high end audio reviewing. I think it fairly replicates what I find in my OOYH listening in that I find that your software (at least for me) creates externalized images and projects those images the way a very good planar system does (which I find natural and more than acceptable) rather than the way a point source system would (which I also like). Maybe that's because of the generic HRTF gives less pinpointed images. But at least in my case, a couple of those settings do a very convincing job of replicating the convincing tonality, imaging (planar style), and sound stage of a high end speaker system playing in a real listening room. And that makes listening over headphones much more satisfying than it would otherwise be. So OOYH is always in my listening chain.
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  15. Zenvota
    Anyone using OOYH with a R2R NOS dac?
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