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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. darinf
    Yes...But I am not allowed to announce it here. You can follow us on social media to find out.
  2. darinf
    FYI, we posted a new macOS version on our website.
    I think we finally figured out the Mojave problems so the latest version should work with Mojave.
    Unfortunately we are still working on fixing the macOS USB DAC sync problems...We've been trying to figure that one out for a long time too.
  3. martyp87
    Just purchased a license for OOYH with the Genelec and Home Theatre presets after playing around with the trial.

    The Genelec is by far my favourite out of all the presets for music on my iSine 20s with the home theatre preset offering a bit more bump in the LFE channel for movies if desired.

    On my DT1990s I'm not too keen on the effect and prefer my old Mid Side/Can Opener setup with these as it is less noticeable, to be honest these cans sound great just feeding them raw stereo. On the other hand it really makes the iSines come alive and makes me wonder if I should try out the LCD i4s - the comfort of these is night and day for long term listening over full sized headphones. P.S. yet to try the presets with my SE846 IEMs.

    Can OOYH be used as a plug-in, specifically so I can chain it in with Audio Hijack on Mac OS opposed to using it as a virtual sound driver? I can't seem to get Audirvana Plus 3 to feed to it even when selected within the options.

    I also have an issue with the sound driver where if you are listening to music for say 10 mins it begins to artefact and switching speaker preset back and forth fixes it - assume this is potentially a Mac OS issue?

    Overall though, great job Darin and team - you've made my iSines come alive!!! :ksc75smile:
  4. edwardsean
    Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    Yes, OOYH is amazing with the LDCi4s. The drawback of IEMs over full-size phones have always been their considerably smaller soundstage. Audeze’s open-back execution goes a long way to closing the gap and the i4 is—far and away—the current pinnacle of that design. (I had the 20s before the i4. The i4s cost 5x as much and are 5x better.) OOYH with the i4s goes the rest of the way in resolving any soundstage deficiencies.

    Yes, OOYH can be chained in Audio Hijack. That’s the way I use it because I’m running multichannel plugins that go beyond Audirvana’s capabilities.

    Yes, however, Audirvana feeds directly into OOYH just fine when selected as the output from within A+. The issue you may be having is that you need to start up A+ and load a track first. Then activate OOYH. If OOYH is not getting an input signal. Try changing outputs to something else and then back to your preferred output. If it’s still not working, quit OOYH (cmd+Q, don’t use the quit button—it just minimizes OOYH) and then restart it. If it’s still not working, quit and restart again. It usually does not take all of this to get it running.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
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  5. Zenvota
    Try eqing the treble down. I don't know how accurate the rtings measurementa are but if you listen to a frequency sweep you should be able to hear these peaks at 2-3khz and 7-10khz.


    I EQ any headphone I use with OOYH flat, I find it sounds much more natural for me.
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  6. martyp87
    I've played around with A+ and I whilst I can get it to send sound to OOYH (if I switch off Exclusive Access Mode), I still get clicks and pops during playback which are actually painful to hear. Reverting back to iTunes/Tidal until I play around with it a little more.

    Can't seem to get the plug-in to work with the Mojo as after 5-10 mins the audio gets distorted, on the Jotunheim it works perfect - actually watched a movie there with no issues. To be honest, the Jot seems to enhance the sound with the iSines, probably due to more punch. The iSines just seem to take power and just deliver more sound unlike any headphone I've had (HE-560s, 800S, DT1990s) and with this plug-in the effect gets even more realistic with more amplification. I honestly love it!

    Really need to try out the LCDi4s, although I will need to have the cash to buy them as I know I would end up purchasing them.

    I've also dialled down the output gain to -18 as it was clipping on some tracks (mainly anything bass heavy or most music from nowadays!)

    Thanks, I am going to play around with an EQ on Audio Hijack for these although to be honest, after putting the iSine 20s back on my ears after months its really difficult to take them back off!
  7. Zenvota
    I usually just turn my player down a bit if theres clipping, its usually only with music that's mixed louder. I leave the inputs at 0 on ooyh and the outputs i set per preset, some are at 0, some +15 some -15. Just personally find it easier to adjust player volume, not touch ooyh, and retain that bit depth as often as possible.
  8. martyp87
    Yeah, the input never clips its just once the plug-in has done it's thing it basically just peaks from beginning to end on most modern tracks, older songs that I usually listen to 70s, 80s are mostly fine though. Turning the volume down in the player to about 50% works too though so will stick with that if delivers better quality on the output stage.

    Currently listening with the SE846s and from the first track my jaw just dropped. I didn't think a sound like this was possible from IEMs, it just sounds so natural and open. The treble is perhaps a little too high so I will dial in a little EQ to fix that.
  9. arnaud Contributor
    I also need to restart it every 30min or so as audio suddenly gets distorted.
    It very much feels like when the dac misinterprets the sampling rate of data its been fed.
    In this case, it feels to me like some issue with resampling of the stream during convolution.
    These prirs it is using come straight from the realiser, so are sampled at 48kHz.
    I notice issue with itunes podcasts and such that are sampled at 44kHz.
    The exterior dac (usb asynchronous) somehow must not be getting exactly a 44kHz feed ( or otherwise 48kHz, not sure what’s done with the convolution engine of the realiser.

    Didn’t darin mention about ongoing issue with usb dacs?
  10. Zenvota

    Those shures are interesting. They don't have the 2-4khz bump(see the uncompensated frequency response) of most headphones following the harmon curve which I find doesn't pair well with the virtualization and roome emulation(too bright?) Theyre also intensely fast and responsive( see the i.pulse response). What you might be hearing is the leading edge of the transient though and i dont know if you can tone that down(seethe 300hz square wave). Low distortion too. Maybe try the magico q3(mg - magical speakers preset maybe. I usually use that one for lofi black metal xD
  11. Zenvota
    I'll sometimes have an issue with lots of poos and crackles when I first turn the program on, but a quick change of the default audio setting or reseting the channel configuration fixes it and it's fine for hours. This is using asynch usb devices like xmos and amanero
  12. martyp87
    I purchased another speaker preset (Revel Ultima) and received another .lic file via e-mail. I dropped it in the Applications folder alongside the other .lic file (with Genelec & Home Theatre presets) however, even after restarting MacOS, OOYH still doesn't recognise it. Any ideas on how I can get OOYH to register the new preset?
  13. darinf
    Hi @martyp87,
    Thank you for your purchase.
    The license files should be saved to your macOS account's default "Downloads" folder. That is where Out Of Your Head looks for them when Out Of Your Head is launched.
    I am not sure how your other license files could be working if they are in the "Applications" folder.
    If your license file is in the "Downloads" folder and it's still not registering as licensed in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel, then try rebooting your computer.

  14. darinf
    Yes, with some USB DAC's we are still having timing issues which manifest as distortion over time.
    We have been working on finding a fix, but have been unsuccessful so far. (We even tried rewriting our processing engine with no avail.)
    The problem started with High Sierra and is still present in Mojave.
    Sorry guys.
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  15. martyp87
    I'm not sure why although the first time I installed the app it didn't recognise the file in the downloads folder so I dropped it in the applications folder and it worked fine. Moved both and lost all of them after moving them to the downloads folder.

    Restarted and now everything is working fine. (as I have an eGPU plugged in restarting my Mac is a bit of a pain so I tend to just log on/off). Thanks for your help!
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