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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. tim0chan
    Spiral dots (smooth and natural)
    Final type E ( sharper more neutral)
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  2. thefallenangelx
    Can you post link for purchase?
    I believe the stock foam are not so good, anybody tried the stock looks like double flange "spinfit"?
    I just purchased also the Symbio W (ex mandarines), hope they are good!
  3. ncristia
    Final Audio E clear work well for me. I'm using a Norne Audio Therium pure silver balanced out of A Sony 300Zxa and think it's a great combo.
  4. thefallenangelx
    where to purchase Final Audio E tips?
  5. slowpickr
    Tried several tips with Finschi. Best so far is Spinfit CP240. Regarding cables, using a $20 Amazon Yinyoo balanced cable which works great (just because I want something balanced and flexible).
  6. thefallenangelx
    link to the cable?
  7. slowpickr
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  8. cocolinho
    Anyone looks to buy a pair of Finschi in Europe PM me :wink:
  9. papa_mia

    Just stumbled on this the other day, they're Mellianus custom fit. Don't know whether they're made by Oriolus or a 3rd party, or is it legit.
    Anyway here's the original link in Japanese, you should check it out:
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  10. Love Music
    I am currently thinking of buying a new iem for vocals. I like nice impactful bass , clear, forward and airy vocals . Which one will be better the oriolus mkii or fitear fitear? Anyone have heard both?
  11. littleaboutiem
    Hey guys, want to get the Finschi but I heard that the Finschi has some issue with driver flex. Just wanted to know if everyone here has the same problem or are they just isolated cases?

    Also, would you guys recommend me the Comets or Finschi? My playlist is like 70% electronic music, but I do listen to J-pop, rock and sometimes indie too.

    Thanks in advance!
  12. ncristia
    I've had no issues with driver flex. Had a lot with Bravado, but flex has no effect on sound or reliability.
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  13. littleaboutiem
    Thanks! Is the Finschi a good choice for me do you think?
  14. ncristia
    I can't see why you wouldn't be happy with it. It offers a lot for in this hobby a little money. I've had Sony ex1000 EE Bravado and Campfire Andromeda twice and i'm happy with the Finschi. Not saying it's better than or equal to Andromeda in any way! Andromeda fit in my right ear just didn't work. I'm looking forward to Campfires new release at the end of the month and hopefully a better fit. If you want to skip all of this trying out different IEMs grab the Andromeda and a Sony 300 ZX and delete your account and don't look back
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  15. cocolinho
    oh yeah!
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