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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. redryder
    Its not my source. I used the same source when auditioning and I remember the mids sounded a lot more lush than what I'm getting now. I went back to the store today to audition the PW 5 cable and there was barely any difference. Maybe my set just needs more break in time.
  2. zepmaj
    Hey, did you get Finschi? If so, can you share some impressions and comparison? I'm thinking about to buy them to replace Vsonic GR07 BE which is about same level with IT01 i suppose.
  3. thefallenangelx
    Yes, i did. And also changed cable to a silver one instead of the standard one.
    I mainly listen to rock, progressive rock/metal, post-metal, post rock.
    I'm just in few hours with them but i believe these are better than iBasso IT01 (previously owned) = good sub-bass estension and bass, great detail and ok soundstage. iBasso for me has more closed soundstage, too bass oriented (in the sense that bass frequency looks like covering the mid-highs) with loss of details.
    Hope it can help.
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  4. zepmaj
    I listen genres almost same as you. It does help. Thanks a lot.
  5. thefallenangelx
    You are welcome. I am also waiting for BGVP DM6, hope to have comparison then as well.
    For the genre, i also suggest you the Seahf 150ohm you find in my signature; pretty cheap earbuds but with that analog sound which fits rock in general!:)
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  6. zepmaj
    Well, after some research BGVP DM6 looks really solid, now i'm confused. I would like to hear some comparison between Finschi, when you get DM6. Hope you get them before 11.11.
  7. thefallenangelx
    Sure, i'll provide you a comparison as soon as i get it (and possibly without forgetting it).
  8. ncristia
    Haven't heard IT01 but have the Finschi and think they are solid. I'll tell anyone who will listen that the Finschi is a much better IEM than the EE Bravado. Great mids, extended non fatiguing Treble and depending on the track good wide soundstage. I use a pure silver cable and the bass is deep and textured out of a Sony ZX300. At some time I hope @Hawaiibadboy can get his hands on one to check out. At $179 I can't believe people aren't jumping on this.
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  9. darveniza
    I tried the Finshi in SG, I have the DM6. Will say that the DM6 is whole different IEM .I think is unfair to compare both. The right comparison would be the Ibasso IT01
  10. thefallenangelx
    Except for the different technicalities in both the IEM Finschi and DM6, to your hear what are the impression one vs the other? They also are on almost the same price range.
  11. zepmaj
    You mean DM6 much better, they are in same price range though. Can you share more?
  12. darveniza
    Yes DM6 is far superior on tunning, handling and amooth transition at woukd I call boundary.
    The Finshi feels like a step down on a pure sound basis. Meaning I just felt tgaf everything was less.
    Disclaimer, not saying the Finshi does not do its job, is just I was comparing with what I had.
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  13. jant71
    I am coming from the Finschi with the stock cable. Think the W26 would be a worthwhile upgrade?? Other choices/options?? Looking to maybe get a bit more space and air, a bit off the lower warmth might be nice. Get the liveliest bass as far as dynamics and speed but not thinning much.
  14. papa_mia
    So anybody has any ideas when are the 2 electristelec drivers bomb gonna drop?
  15. ncristia
    I use Norne Audio Therium silver cable preferred it over the Ares II, I think the silver open it up a bit more and retains excellent bass. Using Symbio wide bore without the foam and source is Sony ZX300 Balanced. I think it needs to be seriously listened to, not just a demo listen.
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