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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. ctaxxxx
    If anyone is interested, my impressions of the Oriolus mk2 with various IEM cables:

    PW Audio No.5: Warm cable with smooth mids and highs. Great for male vocals. A bit too warm if paired with a warm source.

    Effect Audio Ares II+: An energetic warmth. Upper-mids and lower treble have more emphasis, giving the mk2 extra energy. Lovely with female vocals. Overall bass is tighter. My favorite pairing so far.

    (Musictek is selling the mk2 with the regular Ares II for free btw)

    Effect Audio Thor II: A clinical type of warmth. Has a boosted mid-bass and a leaner midrange in comparison. Treble is clear and effortless. Better overall resolution and air compared to the other copper cables above. Would have been my favorite if it weren't for the leaner vocals, which hurt male vocals on certain songs (through the warmer AMP8, and especially the more neutral AMP4).

    Source: DX200 AMP4 and AMP8.

    Eartips: Acoustune AET07 (medium)

    Next cable I plan on trying is the Effect Audio Lionheart. Should be in-between the Ares and Thor in tone. My last resort is the Ares II 8-wire.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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  2. papa_mia
    Your take on warm cables on a warm set of IEMs has warmed my heart dude.
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  3. buonassi
    More on Mk2 cable pairings. I had PW5, liked it, but the forwardness of the mids was nagging me - and the ergos weren't good (old stiffening from skin oils). It is as @ctaxxxx describes, smooth. There's something magical about that cable and how smooth it is. I get the hype with this cable.

    I have found the best synergy with PlusSound Exo Copper 4 conductor. I bought two variants: the 26 gauge last gen model, and the 28 awg newest gen model. I believe you can only get the 28 if you buy one of their 'premade' cables ready to ship.

    Anyway, the 26 gauge was overly warm and presented too much bass lift for these IEMs IMO. It was nice that it seemed to fill in the 100hz area of bass that is scooped and attenuated with the mk2 (since the mk2 favors sub-bass mainly). But the overall tonal balance was too bassy for me.

    Enter the 28 gauge - I loved it immediately. It is a clean cable - no traces of the silver zing you'd get with an SPC cable. Plenty of resolution, not overly smooth, and ergos are the best I've experienced given the slightly thinner gauge and new PS insulation that is being used. Bass fell right in line - that nice 100hz warmth was there and sub-bass more "in check" but still very tight and present - just not as featured. Lower mids seemed to come in a tad more as well.


    This 28 awg cable with the CA marshmallow tips do it for me. Works well on Hiby R6 (no need for IEMatch or ear buddy BTW) and Fiio X7ii DAPs as well as AQ Dragonfly Red (balanced to SE adapter needed). More hiss with the Fiio, but tonally it's all good on just about any source I've used with this cable/tip combo.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  4. crabdog
    So I had a listen to the Finschi today. Ordering one soon. :)
  5. Sonic Ecstasy
    Thanks for the cable reviews @ctaxxxx @buonassi, i guess i'll need to try pw no.5 cable before making my final conclusion on whether to keep these mk2 or not.
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  6. papa_mia
    @buonassi Haven't had a chance to try any of the Plussound cables yet, but from the pictures they must have one of the most gorgeous cables in the market.
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  7. tim0chan
    How was it for u?
  8. crabdog
    Beautifully built - actually a step above similarly priced Chi-Fi gear. You can sort of feel the sub-bass as much as hear it. The level of the sub-bass is not overdone or heavily emphasized but it has some major authority and great extension. Mids are vibrant and clear with good separation. The treble is well-defined but very easy on the ears. It's a smooth sounding IEM but is very resolving at the same time and not lacking in detail. The fit was really good for me too and is very comfortable for my ears.
  9. tim0chan
    I think people would like a comparison to the bravado if you dont mind
  10. cocolinho
    I already have Bravado & Finschi on their way , I'll compare both
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  11. crabdog
    Funny you should say that. I took my Bravado in yesterday so I could A/B with the universal model. Well, my feelings were right. My custom was much bassier, much darker and duller overall. They're on their way back to HQ for a fix.
    As for Finschi vs Bravado universal, I didn't really spend enough time with the Bravado - only enough to confirm there was a problem with my unit. I'm sure @cocolinho will let us know soon though.
  12. zazaboy
    @crabdog can you say anything about the soundstage is it big or average for you with ORIOLUS FINSCHI... I am interested in this product due a friend.. plus are they easy to drive aswell?
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
  13. smith
    I think you have reviewed the Hifi Boy OS V3...how do they compare ?
  14. crabdog
    I'd say it has a larger than average soundstage in the context of its warmish tonality. It has very good depth thanks to its excellent separation and black background.
    The OS V3 has a meatier bass that is more prominent but similarly textured. The Finschi's bass is less in quantity but has great quality, in particular, its VERY impressive sub-bass performance. This midrange and treble are quite similar, with the Finschi having a little more airiness in its treble.

    I can't say much more because of the limited amount of time I spent with the Finschi - I had a whole bunch of stuff that I wanted to try in a short time. I listened to the Finschi just long enough to know that I need to get one :wink:
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  15. DarginMahkum
    Hi all!

    I have an Oriolus MK2 with a 3.5" PW5 cable for sale, for €700 in EU, including the shipment, PayPal and eBay costs (for your and my safety, I will only sell over eBay). Here is the link:


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