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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. smith
    Any further sound impressions from Finschi owners would be appreciated...
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  2. tim0chan
    Slight U shape. Bass very good for the price, punchy and rumbly. Mids slightly behind bass, slightly favouring female vocals over male vocals. Treble lift, lack of sibilance
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  3. zepmaj
    Has anyone tried Finschi for metal music?
  4. ctaxxxx
    If it's anything like the Oriolus mk2, which it sounds like it does, it would be a great pairing. The Oriolus mk2 are my favorite IEMs for metal.

    I'm starting to consider buying a Finschi myself for outdoor use. Not very keen on bringing a $900 IEM with a $500 silver cable outside for running...
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  5. tim0chan
    Make sure you get the cable replaced , the stock cable is microphonic as hell
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  6. cocolinho
    Back with some impressions.
    To compare apples to apples I decided to use the Ares II 2.5mm cable with the Finschi as well (which I think is not ideal pairing). I used Final E tips with Bravado & Spiral dots on the Oriolus. Source is Alo CDM with Sonotone tubes, 2.5mm output.
    Overlall I would rank Bravado above Finschi as being more mature sounding. None of them is neutral.
    Starting with the bass, Bravado have more quantity but also more quality. Bass is quite heavy, like having a mini subwoofer in the ears but quality is rather good (impact & layering). Finschi have good bass but nothing special to mention here still quantity is above neutral.
    Mid is where the biggest difference appears. Recessed on the Bravado, forward with the Finschi. The problem with the Oriolus is that vocal & some string instruments can be too forward and shooty --> fatigue. Here I feel the Ares II cable is not a good match, I believe we can get better results with different cable. On the Empire ears even if they are recessed they sound pretty natural to me but sometimes man vocals are too much pushed back in the mix unfortunately. Female vocals are OK.
    I feel highs are slightly recessed on both but seem more elevated on the Bravado since mids are recessed vs. Oriolus. Not the last word in details
    Stage is about the same in size, wider than deeper even if Bravado sound more distant. Layering & separation seems also pretty identical: good but complex & very fast music like Slayer may be an issue.
    So going Oriolus > Bravado, immediate reaction is that Bravado sound warmer, more congested but few minutes later my brain get used to it and even if male vocals still sound too recessed, the overall tonality is quite pleasing.
    Going from Bravado > Oriolus, it sounds much more forward, dynamic & clearer but it may become too much after a while depending on the music.
    That's why I feel Bravado is more mature, more natural & more effortless.

    Fit and comfort are good with both, but Finschi are much smaller so better for my ears. Shallow insertion for both (which I personally prefer) and I prefer the comfort of the Spiral dots (softer rubber). Isolation is (very) good on both & sound leakage is minimal so both can be used in a quite environment.

    None of them can touch my Andromeda which are still my prefered IEMs but I think it would be easier to recommand Oriolus than Bravado because of the price (usd180 vs usd600). It would be interesting to compare these Oriolus with latest Chi-fi stuffs like Fiio FH5

    I'll come back with more impressions on the Finschi with standard cable but mids seem less forward now, bass is less tight and maybe a bit more in quantity and overall less definition.

    IMG_20180926_122537.jpg IMG_20180926_122547.jpg IMG_20180924_114022.jpg IMG_20180924_114213.jpg
  7. papa_mia
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  8. knopi
    Agree excelent comparison cocolinho and your writing style, better and more understandable than most reviews.
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  9. liquidrats
    Finschi looks exactly like MKII...
  10. tim0chan
    It's more translucent. It's also using different materials for the shell cos the finschi is 3D printed
  11. liquidrats
    I see. I'll have to wait for the local store to have this for me to try out.. Here's a photo of Empire and MKII comparison
  12. ltanasom
    Just got used Oriolus 2nd Gen.
    Any advice on tip and cable?
    For the tip, I am think about Spinfit CP145 and Spiral Dot ML. Any advice?
    For the cable, will silver cable (Norne Therium) be a good match?
  13. liquidrats
    I quite like the stock cable, it sounded better than redcore or ares II as for the tips, try rolling tips.. for me my choice is the symbio(s) tips.
  14. buonassi
    yes... this is par for the course with IEM users. The key is to get something that seals, is comfortable, and doesn't create excessive resonances (allowing the tuning of the IEM to come through without changing its intended sound). Foams are best for smoothing out upper mid and treble spikes, and for this reason many believe that treble and detail are sacrificed. I believe that detail retrieval is actually increased on some IEMs using foams because spikes in the treble actually mask nearby frequencies. Yes, using foams will come at a slight treble attenuation over silicone, but the linearity of the FR and isolation more than compensate for it IMO.

    I usually run the gamut of tips before giving up on an IEM: all stock tips, spinfits, spiral dots, genuine comply comfort and isolation varieties, campfire audio marshmallow tips, symbio mandarin, double flange wide bore, etc.

    The bottom line is that you have to roll. What works for my ears may not work for yours and at the end of the day, the more tips you have to roll, the better chance you have of perfecting that IEM to your liking. It is well worth the effort - enjoy the journey!
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  15. papa_mia
    Did they come with the PWaudio No. 5?
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