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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. cocolinho
    Or get them reshelled by external company such as ambiant acoustics
  2. HungryPanda
    My bad E8000 glue (terrible having a confused Head-fier mind)
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  3. drbluenewmexico
    [QUOTE="HungryPanda, post: 14883189, bad E8000 glue (terrible having a confused Head-fier mind)[/QUOTE]
    Read The Cloud of Unknowing
    15th century mysticism text on the benefits of confusion! Available on Amazon!
    And thank you Panda!
  4. HungryPanda
    I use this glue on all my earbud / earphone projects
  5. liquidrats
    Thanks guys.. I'm still sad over it.. :frowning2: it's my fav iem... the connector was loose when I took it out my bag the iem went flying and when it landed it heard a crack. I'll find some third-party to do a re-shell or convert to custom.. if possible.
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  6. liquidrats
    I have taken the custom route, I found a company that does CIEM for hybrid IEM.
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  7. soundblast75
    Have a pair for sale, pm me if interested, just sitting no use for a while, its the 2d gen one, flexible on cables, a few options..
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  8. liquidrats
    I got my oriolus fixed! Thanks to the guys at Fatfreq for fixing it within an hour!
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  9. drbluenewmexico
    Congratulations!!! way to go!
    i just discovered there is an upgrade Oriolus MK2 LTD edition available on Penon Audio which sells for 1395.00
    the drivers seem to be the same, different luminous blue finish and expensive cable ugrade (cable P85 double d audio) sells for almost 600 alone.
    anyone know any more about this rare iem???
  10. phonomat
    Yeah, someone in this thread has it, there's some info further upstream, but not much.
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  11. drbluenewmexico
    Seems like under marketed the next step up seems to be the Hyla series which are very Ltd production runs of about 200units of 3 models tuned differently all about 1200$ which get rave reviews two models available now at musicteck.com
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  12. Ethereal Sound
    Anyone been able to listen to the oriolus percivali yet?
  13. zibra
    Whats your best synergy DAP with MK2?
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  14. 1TrickPony
    Oriolus DP100 (amped with alo rx). The mids are just wow. Warm and lulling on some of my favorite recordings. Also, there's a certain vivid liveliness, that remains very very smooth. Mids have this really nice open quality to them.
  15. zibra
    And from newer, more available options straight out of DAP HP out? Balanced vs single ended makes big difference?
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