OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. wallaby1170
    Received Unit #3 yesterday.  Between now and when I joined the loaner program, I purchased a pair of OPPO PM-3's.  Now that I have finished comparing the PM-3 that I purchased to the pair in the loaner program, I am ready to ship to the next person.  
  2. wallaby1170
    I'm finished auditioning the PM-3 (Unit #3).  They are now on the way to thatwunguy.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I wish more headphone brands had a loaner program.  
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    Are you guys still running this Loaner program? If so I'd love to be a part of it! I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback around the PM 3, and I'd love to hear it for my self and get to post some feed back on these on my Blog, and here at head fi, and I do accept the terms an conditions. 1 week is plenty of time to get a nice write up finished! 
  4. thatwunguy
    I have received Unit 3 from wallaby1170. I'll be auditioning them this week and running comparisons to Bowers and Wilkins P7 Wireless and Denon AH-mm400. Should be a fun week!
  5. Meffaliss
    I received Unit #2 from nmeans! The post office had delayed the delivery but thankfully I got them today. I can't wait to compare them to my KRK KNS-8400's and HE400i's on my Fiio X5 II, HTC 10 and my Schiit Modi 2 Uber with an O2 Amp!

    First impression, WOW these are built NICE. Also, WOW, they're actually kind of heavy.
  6. Stoobeedoo
    I would like to join the Oppo loaner program.. I agree to all terms and conditions.
  7. Meffaliss
    Unit #2 were sent to jaeru!
    My biggest complaint with the OPPO PM-3 were the non-removable pads. For their price, I expected them to be replaceable by the user. Otherwise, they were quite good! Loved that bass.
  8. protoss
    I like to try them.. and review it 
  9. jaeru
    I have received Unit #2 from Meffaliss. As mentioned before, the cable is definitely longer than what I am used to but isn't that big of a deal. This will be a good week for me with these headphones.
  10. jaeru
    I've shipped unit #2 to mshenay
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    I've got tracking, will update once I've got them
  12. Mshenay Contributor
    I've got them! Box is kinda rough looking, so I'll repack before I ship them out

    so far, they sound really good! Dark, but with really nice isolation and a lot of detail
  13. swhifi
    I have been thinking about buying these for a while now and would love to try them out through this program. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  14. AverageGuyNC
    I would like to join the loaner program to try these out. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    It would seem Jiffy is back, as the 1st post here was updated yesterday, I'll have these till Thursday, and hopefully by then I'll hear back from him as to what he'd like done with this. I have no issue shipping to another user

    but let's wait and see what he decides, I'm sure he'll update the list with the next couple of participants
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