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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. howdy
    Hey Aaron do you still have these? Its been awhile and you have not responded. Thanks for the update.
  2. Jiffy Squid
    It looks like the headphones were lost in transit. I'm working on sorting it out. There will be a bit of a delay for the PM-2 loaner.
  3. howdy
    Ok. Hopefully you find them!
  4. SeVeReD
    Just sent off the PM-1 to the next person.  Great time with them.  Will say more when not pressed for time.
  5. Sophonax
    Received PM-1 Unit #2 today...listening as I type this!
  6. Sevenfeet
    I would like the opportunity to audition the PM1.  I agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Bong Hollywodd
    Thanks to this program... I finally found and owned my ideal setup. OPPO Pm-1 x 8 core pure silver balanced trrs 2.5 eidolic cables (I made) and Onkyo DP-X1 (with my custom skin). @Jiffy squid. Thanks for letting me borrow it for a week and helping me purchasing my unit. :)

    dieslow likes this.
  8. aaron811
    What is going on with the shipment? WHo do i contact now? The pair was never sucessfully given to my by UPS driver error, filed a claim, did everything. I am still awaiting receipt of headphones? Please advise.
  9. aaron811
    The shipment was stolen or lost due to driver error, I filed claim.Claim was resolved. I wasnt able to test headphones.Please advise.
  10. aaron811
    sorry jeff, just now saw your post about sorting it out. lost internet for a day or two, and wanted to make sure im doing everyhing i can to help. i dont understand how ups could be so incompetent. looking forward to trying these out. would there be a way to try out pm-1's if they are available sooner? i have about 5 interested parties in your wonderful products! keep up the good work.
  11. Sophonax
    I posted my PM-1 review here, for anyone interested in reading. Overall, a very positive listening experience!
    I'm ready to ship the PM-1 Unit #2 to the next person in line, as soon as I receive the address info.
  12. aaron811
    Info sent :)
  13. TsKen
    I am interested in the PM-2s. I agree to the conditions.Thank you!
  14. ZehTreyster
    I'm interested in hearing the PM-1. I agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
  15. Sophonax
    PM-1 Unit #2 is on its way to the next person in line!  Looks like it should arrive on Friday.
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