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OPPO PM-1 / PM-2 Loaner Program

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  1. onitafmw55
    I got the pm-1 pair on Thursday March 17th, sorry for the delay in posting that.  Thanks to the previous user for the quick ship and proper packing.  The headphones are my first $1,000 pair of headphones I've ever heard.  So I'm in the big leagues of audio now.  My initial impressions after two days of use is wow!  It's going to be painful to go back to my mostly sub $300 headphones after this.  As someone who doesn't have, nor has ever heard other $1000+ headphones to compare to.  All I can say is, these sound amazing and blow everything else I own out of the water.  I haven't even gotten to trying the other ear pads yet.  In short, so far, fantastic.  I can see myself buying these at some point in the future for sure.  I love the sound signature, they are right up my alley.  Also, they go very loud for an "audiophile" type headphone without clipping.  So that's a bonus.  Thanks for the loan, Robert
  2. howdy
    Who has the PM2 unit 2? The list has not moved in weeks.
  3. jerick70

    I have it.  I PMed Chris last Saturday and I'm waiting for him to send the next persons shipping info to me.  I'll PM him again and see if he responds.
  4. foo_me
    Hi - I'm interested in the PM-1s and agree to the conditions.
    Thanks for this offer and let me know how I can participate!
  5. howdy

    Cool! Thanks for the update.
  6. onitafmw55
    To the next person on the list I'm on, for the PM-1.  I was given details by Jiffy Squid and the item was shipped to you today March 25th.  Enjoy!
  7. morinu
    I am interested in the PM-2s. I agree to the conditions.
  8. jerick70
    @aaron811 the #2 PM-2s are on their way to you.  @Jiffy Squid should be sending you tracking info soon if he hasn't already.  Enjoy! [​IMG]
  9. h2rulz
    I am interested in trying the PM1 and agree to terms and conditions.
  10. ukaudiophile
    sad its not covering the UK
  11. Amuro_Rey
    Interested in PM1 test, I agree in terms and conditions
  12. JWizzlez
    Would love to demo the PM-1 and write a review here. I'm especially interested to see how it compares to the Audio Zenith as well as the Stax 007 and Hifiman 1000. I agree to the terms and conditions. Thank you!
  13. jlerner
    I agree to terms and conditions. Would gladly have you check my eBay rating
    I'd also let you put a hold on credit card until unit
    Is returned.
  14. howdy

    Just let me know Aaron811 when you are done as im next and I will PM you my address.
  15. nk126
    Would love to try the PM-2. I agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
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