Oppo HA-2 dropouts on iOS10.3

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jonotron, Apr 1, 2017.
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  1. RAQemUP
    Downgraded to 10.2.1 and it's all back to working for me. If an external Dac is important for your iDevice needs, I would recommend downgrading while you can.
  2. CCassidy
    Apparently downgrading to 10.2. is not longer an option?

    Or have I misread threads on the Apple boards today?
  3. RAQemUP
    As of today with the release of the 10.3.2 beta, Apple stopped signing both 10.2.1 and 10.3. So no more downgrading possible.
  4. frevo
    10.3.2 Public Beta 2 is out. Has anyone tried it yet?
  5. JazzWants2BFree
    I got a return authorization for my Oppo through Amazon. Even before the current dropping and IOS update, it would fuzz out or slow down fairly regularly. Even if this has more to do with the OS than with Oppo, I don't need a $300 paperweight.
    I've ordered a Dragonfly Red and a Jitterbug.
    Did any of you using the Dragonfly resolve any issues?
    Anyone heard of any other amp dac that still works?
  6. JazzWants2BFree
    This is just to say I have gotten a Topping NX4 from Amazon. No drops. Good DAC. Good power. $109.
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  7. Szergely Gergo
    On iOS 10.3.2 beta 3 still not working. Apple not fixed.
  8. jonotron
    Chord have a statement on their website re the Mojo giving the same problem, they've made Apple aware of the issue. Hoping for a resolution soon as I bought the ha-2 for iPhone use, and you certainly notice how poor the built in audio is in comparison when you go back to it!!
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  9. ekrauss
    There is another Oppo HA-2 thread that discusses the "dropout issue" and is more active than this thread.  You all might want to read it for a recap of updates I have received from well placed people at Oppo on this issue.

    In short, Apple introduced a new USB driver in the iOS 10.X update that resulted in a rash of compatibility issues with the HA-2, HA-2SE, Chord Mojo, Audioquest Dragonfly, and other DACs.  iOS 10.3 exacerbated the issue even further. Oppo engineers have been investigating a fix.  They have determined that when the iPhone does something that requires more electrical power such as sending or receiving messages, the USB data stream get interrupted.  The issue is not related to EMI, RFI, or shielding, as some head-fiers have hypothesized.  Right now, Oppo recommends switching to longer USB cables (like the Lightning cable supplied by Apple).  This is because longer cables might have less signal reflection or better impedance matching than shorter cables.  In any event, I think filing bug reports with Apple is probably the best avenue to get the issue fixed, as I am sure Apple did not mean to break compatibility with so many devices.
  10. pr3lud3
    I have the same experience with Oppo HA 2SE and Iphone 7 plus (IOS 10.3.1). I notice that I have much less chance of dropout if I switch to High Gain setting.

    With the Low gain setting my oppo will dropout every few minutes or so.
  11. Laughin Al
    This one's on iOS. Can't imagine how OPPO feels about this. Let's face it, the HA-2SE is a phenomenal realization of the ES9028Q2M . . . along with the discrete transistor hybrid AB amp, the sound coming out of this thing is like a drug: it becomes virtually impossible to enjoy mobile audio without it.

    In my case the dropouts occur when the iPhone screen dims. If I actively use the phone while listening or push the off/standby button this problem does not occur.
  12. jegnyc
    If it's on iOS, wouldn't it make more sense to post here?

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  13. Timster
    Happening to me too. Thought it was dodgy cables to start with, but then started research.
    Really annoying, hope they fix it soon.
  14. SeraphicWings
    This is all on Apple

    Let's see what they do about this
  15. gfabbri
    Just installed iOS 10.3.3. No dropouts yet, knock on wood!
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