Oppo HA-2 dropouts on iOS10.3

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jonotron, Apr 1, 2017.
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  1. jonotron
    Hi all, recently updated my iPhone 6 to iOS10.3 and I've been experiencing constant dropouts with my HA-2, requiring it to be switched input or turned off and on to reconnect. Changed cables, turned off cellular data but still doing the same. I ran it with a MacBook Pro and had no problem so I reckon it must be phone related. Has anyone experienced this and are there any suggestions that might cure this? I love my HA2 but it's doing my head in at the moment!!
  2. SeraphicWings
    My HA-2SE did the same thing too
    After upgrading my 7 plus to 10.3, often the dac amp drops the analog signal from the 3.5mm jack while still being fed digital signal from the phone, which I have to replug or restart the device for it to work again. I don't know how to solve this, since there's no app that "allow" software update to fix the bug to the HA-2SE itself
    This is starting to be a headache, is this a software problem with iOS 10.3 or hardware issue with the HA-2SE?
  3. jonotron
    Think it's most definitely an iOS issue - works great with a Mac. I've contacted oppo so I'm waiting to hear from them. Hopefully Apple will be made aware of the issue.
  4. jegnyc
    Bumping this to see if anyone else has had this experience.  It will certainly keep me from moving to 10.3, especially since uninstalling it appears to be a major challenge, as 10.3 alters iOS's file system.
  5. frustin
    yeah i also have the same issue. i've sent oppo an email as well.
  6. jegnyc
    Just spitballing here.  Do any of you have the old CCK?  (The new USB-3 CCK doesn't seem to get along with the HA-2 at all.) What happens if you use that as an intermediary between the iPhone and the Oppo (switching the input to the B port)?  I tested this with 10.2 and it did work.  I'm just wondering if it might work with 10.3 and clear up the problem.  
    For reasons I think you'll understand, at this time I am not willing to install 10.3 and try for myself. 
  7. anticute
    This issue, according to the OP, happens even with airplane mode on, so this is probably not related.
    But. There is a problem that occurred before 10.3, that made the HA-2 (and SE) reboot when you got to a low cell phone coverage area. I don't want to double post, but if anyone is experiencing that problem, the reply I got from Oppo regarding this can be found @ http://www.head-fi.org/t/755879/oppo-ha-2-portable-headphone-amplifier-dac-discussion-thread/4275#post_13399059
  8. jegnyc

    Yes, you have posted repeatedly about your issue. If you check my posts on that thread, they indicate that I have not experienced it. But your problem is not the one that concerns me. I'm trying to decide whether to update to iOS 10.3
  9. frustin
    this is definitely a different issue.  This is what i sent to Oppo:
    Oppo confirmed that they'd had another report of the same thing (on an iPhone 6 (mines's a 6s)).
  10. jegnyc
    I see Apple just released 10.3.1..  Anyone game?
  11. frustin
    just installing it now.
  12. jegnyc
    Any improvement?
  13. frustin
    i'll tell you as soon as there's a drop out or i get to the end of the day and there's no drop out.
  14. jegnyc
    Fingers crossed for both of us.
  15. SeraphicWings
    It still happens, but much less often now
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