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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. JML
    Another positive review:  http://www.cnet.com/news/the-oppo-ha-1-headphone-amplifier-definitely-a-slam-dunk-for-audiophiles/#ftag=rss.audiophiliac.ftag
  2. SpudHarris Contributor
    I am sure this has been discussed before but for the life of me I can not find an answer.

    Everything I play through the HA1 shows as one step above. 16bit shows as 24bit and 24bit shows as 32bit. Any ideas?? I am feeding the HA1 via USB from a ZEN Music player..

    Thanks guys in advance.
  3. rick216
    How does this compare to the top of the line Burson Audio Conductor? 
  4. HasturTheYellow
    I don't have any specific impedance measurements, but as I recall the BDP-95 had an output impedance of 300 ohm. I would expect something similar from the HA-1.
    I'll try to get numbers for you tomorrow, but I will make no guarantees, as last timed I had asked for discrete numbers I was not provided any. We usually just tell customers that they should use the BDP9x/10x and HA-1 products with devices that have an input impedance between 10K and 40K, but the player will work all the way down to 1K input impedance.
  5. HasturTheYellow
    5m may be too long, even if it works properly in Window 8.1. We do not recommend cables which are longer than 12' in length.
    Have you tried a shorter cable, like a 6' USB cable that came with a USB printer?
  6. murrays
    The whole point of balanced signals is that they are not referenced to ground.
    Each signal is carried by a pair of + and - voltages to cancel out common mode noise.
    The earth is only required for a screen shield and should connected at the one correct end only (to avoid hum loops).
    So, you should be able to construct a minimal stereo balanced adapter with 4 wires.
  7. Scarfin
    This seems to be the problem, after all. I tried to change my graphics card settings from my Retina MacBook Pro but this didn't solve the popping and crackling of the sound. Unfortunately I don't have a shorter USB A-B cable atm so I can't test that.
    I'd rather not buy a shorter USB cable, anyway, because it would make things too complicated with my setup. My HA-1 is not close enough my MacBook and computer desk + my TV set is right next to the HA-1 (and my PlayStation 4 hooked via 1.5 meter optical cable). With a shorter USB cable, I'd have to change the whole setup and buy a longer optical cable, too.
    So, would an active USB hub solve this audio problem? Could it remove the popping and crackling of the sound with the 5 meter USB cable? JML, what kind of a USB hub do you have?
    Sorry about the off-topic conversation.
  8. JML
    Can you temporarily set up the HA-1 close to your computer, and just buy a shorter cable to test it out?  If that works, then at least you know it's the cable or the cable length.  Reading the USB spec explanation, the length limitation is due to the delay in the signals carried by the cable, and that may be the cause and not the AC power that a hub would augment.  A good inexpensive USB cable would be the Belkin Gold Series, which is only available in two sizes, 6 and 10 feet.
  9. SpudHarris Contributor
    Anyone have experience of this??
  10. zilch0md
    Hey Nigel,

    I haven't seen that issue. What happens with a diifferent USB source?

  11. SpudHarris Contributor
    Hi Mike, I only have the Zen as a USB source.
    I unplugged Zen + iUSB etc.. and checked/unchecked the ''play DSD over PCM'' and everything seems to be back to normal (for now). Strange.... I think it may be a glitch within the Logitech settings.
  12. SharpEars
    The lower the output impedance, the better. If the HA-1 truly has a 300 ohm output impedance on its rear XLR balanced outputs, that would be awesome!
  13. Scarfin
    I bought a 1.8 meter USB cable and the popping and crackling seems to be gone! Thanks for the help, everyone!
  14. BobJS
    As a previous poster asked, I'm also interested in a comparison with the Burson Conductor.  I'm interested in going balanced and wanted to try to get some assurances (hah!) that I wouldn't be disappointed coming from the Burson. 
  15. madmalkav
    I was considering to buy it in the next months, but price in Europe seems to rise from $1200 to €1500. That is a whopping $2000 , or a 66% price increase, so I will be interested in your opinion if it is still worthy or I will be better with other options.
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